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  • Roma forward Mirko Vucinic is "very close" to joining Manchester United, according to his agent, as chief exec David Gill suggested that United may yet add more personnel this summer.

    Where did that come from?

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    • How many times have you heard stuff like this!? Its rubbish and won't happen. Fergie has already said we have too many strikers, with 7 currently here, he will not go and buy another one. And in no way would Vucinic improve the squad imo

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      • Steve, I wouldn't discount this completely. Roma are cashed up, and it wouldn't surprise me if they were very interested in Berbatov. Vucinic may not have a great scoring record, but he would be a very good (and willing) backup striker. I also think he would offer more to the team than Berbatov given his relative speed and power. Having said that, you're right and this is likely to be a ploy by his agent for better terms or something similar.

    • I was speaking in exchange for Berbatov. Given Berbatov's pricetag, and name, there will always be pressure to play him, which wouldn't be the case with Vucinic. Tbh, this is probably a very pointless discussion as this transfer is very very unlikely to happen. You say Vucinic isn't world class - you're right there. But neither is Berbatov.

    • bottom line is 3 points in the premiership is 3 points regardless of who you`re playing against and a striker whio can plunder goals from the lesser teams is as important as a striker who can deliver against the big boys. Berbatov is a proven goalscorer in the premiership Vucinic isn`t.

    • Rooney's contribution from January, goals regardless, was outstanding. If you've read my previous posts, you'll see that for much of the last few years, I've been very critical of Rooney, criticising the technical aspects of his game, which I felt had declined since the World Cup 2006. Since January, he became a genuine big game player again. He had the ball on a string - the way he played in some of those matches reminded me of Del Piero at his very very best. Even against Barca, he was very good. Berba, on the other hand, played the flat track bully very well.

      Despite my criticism of Rooney, his goalscoring has been very consistent over 6 seasons! Berba, a 30 million signing has been very poor value, and his contribution in the biggest games, goals and more importantly, to the team (since apparently that is what he is amazing at), has not been good at all. There are still some on here who rather have had Berbatov for the last 3 years than Tevez!

      Berba is a world class talent. It's just a shame his application of those talents is nowhere near world class.

    • Maybe Berba should drop in to midfield and be the new Scholes. Well, for a couple of years anyway. ;-)

    • How do you know that ian?

      BTW I saw that video with you at the side of stage with that woman and the other guy with the plastic guitar.
      I couldn't make out what yu were doing - it looked to me as though you were washing a pile of dirty socks in a sink.

    • i would prefer it if wazza dropped back to scholes old midfield role than berba doesn't scream midfielder to me

    • the latest reports are linking Vucinic with a move to spurs which sounds a more likely deal because they have been looking for a new striker.

    • Any news on Hernabndez's injury Devon ?

    • Anderson should be given a run.

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