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    Perks of the job

    I don't understand all the furore about famous sportsmen like Tiger Woods, Cole, Rooney, Giigs etc.. etc..
    Whay don't people just accept its a perk of the job?

    - Fit young male with loads of money = loads of opportunities to hump! FACT.

    The tart who Rooney age £1200 is besmirched as being immoral but I'd lay money that just about any woman in Manchester/London. Lpool etc would go with Rooney, Giggs, Tiger Woods etc for £1200... or even a few /several hundred quid less than that

    As for the betrayed wives? Well its all part of the job in marrying a rich, fit, famous man -

    What would Collen Rooney be doing these days if she hadn't latched onto Wazza? ASDA checkout or TESCO ?

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    • An opinion. Nothing more.

    • "I am 99% sure she wouldnt be with him if he worked on Tesco checkouts."

      Based on what exactly?

    • I think Robert is closer with 16 in terms of when they became romantically involved. Sure I read an interview once that said they had known each other for a few years as they lived in the same area but werent an item until about 15ish.

      I'd personally side with the view that she is getting a pretty rosey deal out of their marriage, I am 99% sure she wouldnt be with him if he worked on Tesco checkouts.

      With regards to the OP, you're quite right that much of the world is completely bereft of morals, but that doesnt mean you should just accept it. Following that attitude would be a slippery slope.

    • Beaky bites again!


    • If only we knew what you were talking about, Deepick. Got your refund yet?

    • So because you are rich and famous that means you can behave like that?

      Colleen & Wayne were childhood sweethearts so she's hardly 'latched' on to him.

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      • Behave like What?

        It's human instinct and famous rich people are put in positions where they can take advantage of situations simply because of that. Rooney et al are indeed blessed with talent which has made them financially rich (Good luck to them).
        People latch onto them because of the lure of their fame and fortune. Mrs Rooney would stand no chance of being a glamour model or fashion writer if it had not been for wazza - so her and other wags should realise that.

        The tart who went with Giggys says she was after love!!! She was after money and at bit press attenetion but giggsy gets the blame because he simply pulled a tart wh he wanted to poke end of story.
        Leave these guys alone.

      • No.

        That is, you don't have to be rich and famous to behave like that. Anyone can. You probably have a better chance of not being caught if you're not famous. I guess being rich would help in a number of ways.

        I don't really wish to speculate on the nature of the Rooney's marriage but Wikipedia says (so it must be true) they started a relationship at the age of sixteen after leaving school. Given Rooney (Mr) was well on his way to stardom at Everton at that point it's quite plausible she saw him as a potential pot of gold, or a route to the bright lights. But maybe she saw him as a good match for her ten GCSE's.


    • "I don't understand"


      giggs & rooney have been exposed, disgraced & named & shamed.

      no matter how much that seems to annoy u, let it go.

      no mention of giggs & rooneys kids i see.

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      • We do not live in a moral world --- despite what The Sun and NOTW try to tell us.

        The Human instinct is to mate.

        NO matter who you are, Even if you r married to your sweetheart who has held you attention since you were 12 and whilst u r out in night club basking in your fame a dazzling dolly catches your eye on the spur of the moment you will take advantage of that situation (especially if you have had 20 snake bites like wazza).And the female (hopefully it is a female) will see the opportunity to make probably more than 1 months wages in 1 hour and also get a bit of fame

        This is human behaviour and fare does to them- as I said PERKS OF THE JOB and the ladies/wives/wags etc.. could do well to remember that.