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  • rrichards rrichards Jul 28, 2011 20:46 Flag

    Perks of the job

    We do not live in a moral world --- despite what The Sun and NOTW try to tell us.

    The Human instinct is to mate.

    NO matter who you are, Even if you r married to your sweetheart who has held you attention since you were 12 and whilst u r out in night club basking in your fame a dazzling dolly catches your eye on the spur of the moment you will take advantage of that situation (especially if you have had 20 snake bites like wazza).And the female (hopefully it is a female) will see the opportunity to make probably more than 1 months wages in 1 hour and also get a bit of fame

    This is human behaviour and fare does to them- as I said PERKS OF THE JOB and the ladies/wives/wags etc.. could do well to remember that.