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  • syco291 syco291 Aug 3, 2011 14:58 Flag

    Sneijder not for sale

    Just wondering, at what point do you think the papers will actually listen to what the clubs are saying and stop insisting a deal "will be completed this week".

    Getting tiresome now.

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    • I have to agree Syco, its got so boring I'd rather we just left it and moved on!

      He's a fantastic player who Im pretty certain will be a sensation in this league, but he isn't exactly pushing for a move, and Inter dont seem to want to sell.

      We need to get on with things if we're going to make a move in the CM area....although if nothing more happens I will be more than happy.

    • At this point I think it's less about signings and more about consistency. If Chelsea play consistent football like the first third and last third of last season, they will be hard for anyone to overcome in the league. One more or less signing doesn't matter to that. But another silly mid-season blip and we probably won't be above United at the end.

      City don't need any more signings but they do need a league rhythm. Maybe this is the year they find it.

      United know how to win leagues. It's probably less about signings of new offensive players and more about injuries in defence and whether your new keeper is as good as you last one.

      Arsenal's problem always seems to be a lack of initiative in the last two months. That's less about a signing or two and more about the club culture.

      I can't see Liverpool or Spurs seriously challenging. Liverpool have forgotten how to pace league campaigns. Spurs never knew.


    • under kenny you'll be a hard team to beat at the very least as long as you finish behind us , I think its time you had a bit of a resurgence

    • SB , The poster engine room ( the best, johnny bravo, top, toponmerit, Deeprick...... you name it) is indeed the serial IDer slayer.

    • You maybe right, just not sure its as clear cut however. For example (and sorry I know you won't like this, but just for examples sake) if Chelsea do get Modric does that push them above Utd or not? If they don't get him, so they go for someone else, if so who and does that make them even better, or make them worse?

      I agree City however do look the most likely challengers, but how do they handle prem and CL. Does Aguero settle quickly and do better than Tevez, or does he do the opposite.

      Arsenal are always there or there about but fade at the critical point. But maybe if Fab does leave maybe Wenger is forced to buy some real metal for the center and that puts them into real contender status.

      For my own club, no denying we finished extremely strong last term, so question is with new players coming in (and I doubt we're done in the transfer market) does that make us even better and push into contender status, or will it take a while for the squad to settle.

      And of course don't be so hard on your own club. Seems to me Harry has been a little quiet so far in the transfer market but he's always good for at least one rabbit out of the hat during the open window. Actually if you do lose Modric or someone else he might have a pretty penny to spend that could push you back into the top 4 if not closer to contender status.

      Bottom line, right now Utd maybe slight favorites, but who knows come 1 Sept, how it looks, and even then I recon as close as things are between the top 6, we're going to have more twists and turns this season that we've seen in a very long time.

    • at least i dont pretend iv never said the wrong word or a sentence in the wrong order.

      or have loads of different ID's u post with.


      oops, i said goodbye in the wrong order!

      u can go & pleasure yourself over that.

    • At the moment at least I am looking forward to next season with hopefully an attacking minded squad which i wasn't so sure of at the end of last season ...will we win I don't know but I do hope that it progresses the way most of us are hoping in an exciting way and give it their best win lose or draw

    • im not sure dsteer, i cant see anyone finishing above utd unless they make some quality signings.

      if city can find some consistancy & cope with the CL extra games, than i think they could finish close to utd.

    • Don't worry about 'spursbabe' she's obviously been hitting the wine bottle again.........Although she does drink quite expensive wines because she get "high sky" wages.......

    • number 20 is far from in the bag... and I think it would be "easier" if we can say that without snijder than with him. I see his arrival are bringing more troubles to the team than good.

      He is a great player, but his wages may disrupt the dressing room, and he can end up being Veron II. a world class player, but not suited to united.

      as for the race, I see utd, city, chelsea, and LFC. Liverpool ended up last season really strong. I do not care what pre season matches are (are we european champions because we beat Barca? no, we beat a name, not the real barca), I think they will be a bigger threat than people are saying.

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