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  • I thought they were both excellent today and Nani`s game seems to have gone up a notch in response to the challenge Young presents.

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    • What surprised, and pleased, me about Nani was him chasing down the ball for the last goal. Don't think he would have bothered last season, especially as the game was just about over.

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      • I know I have been a critic of Nani's in the past, but I thought he was excellent yesterday. The thing I had disliked about him was his tendency to spend so much time on his arse moaning about the slightest of challenges. None of that yesterday, and hopefully he has eliminated all that smacked-arse stuff from his game and will just concentrate on playing to the best of his ability, which he has in abundance.

        I thought Young had a fantastic debut. His mobility is going to cause a major headache for any opposition. Shame he isn't a left-footer, but you can't have everything! He definitely looks the business.

        Cleverley was excellent also. It was a shame to see Carrick a bit out of his depth, but he really should be a useful squad player, rather than a first team regular, although when he is given time and space against lesser teams he can still be very useful. Fergie really does seem to have created a squad for all occasions; one that can beat the physical sides or the more creative sides. One that isn't going to beat Arsenal one week and lose to the Bolton the next! The other sides are not in that position at all.

        Also I am very happy because I put a bet on at H-T that United would win. Good odds - the drinks are on me!

      • That's the great thing about Young coming in and giving Nani and Valencia all the more reason to put that extra little bit in. Young coming in might just push Nani on from being a good player to being a great or even world class one.

        Nani only has a few little tidbits in his game that need tweaking and fine tuning and he will be immense. Tracking back and harrying being one of them. Better decision making at crucial times (experience will bring that along one way or another either way). His heading and his crossing a tiny bit.

        He's already good at all of these things, I just think that extra incentive that Young brings through competition is going to push him, and hopefully Young to, onto greater things.

        With Young, Nani, Valencia, Cleverly and Park all capable of playing out on the wing and playing there well, we seem pretty much well set on the wings for at least the next 5 years.

        I do feel Cleverley will be played through the middle but he has shown he is versatile enough to play on the wings to good affect.

        I'm even wondering if we need another central midfielder with Cleverley seeming like he is going to make the step up. Anderson looks like he may be settling in and taking on the responsibility he is capable of.

        I know to much shouldn't be read into pre-seasons or Community Shield games, but we played a full strength City side who were clearly up for it and we ended up playing some of the best footy I've seen us play in a long time.

        Very crisp, direct and efficient. Things are looking promising.