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  • Man_United_Raj Man_United_Raj Aug 7, 2011 17:03 Flag

    Who Needs Sneijder?

    I really hope today's game was the final nail in the coffin of the Sneijder transfer saga and another indication to SAF that Cleverley is ready to take up the midfield mantle. He looked the biz against Barca in pre-season and changed the game completely when he came on against Citeh today.

    Bearing in mind that he was up against our so-called Title rivals, the performance cannot be dismissed. Even if he needs a few more seasons to become the finished article, the only way he's gonna get there is via regular games. Fergie needs to do with Cleverley what Wenger has done with Wilshere. Throw him in at the deep end and let's see how he fares.

    On another note, Smalling, Jones Young and Welbeck all looked absolutely superb. Fergie's latest Man Utd team (and the bulk of England's future national team) is shaping up very nicely indeed :)

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    • We beat city without a world class midfielder.Yes but we could also have lost to them 2-0 down @ half time.

      Yes we now has.Jones,Young,Cleverly & Fletch coming back.. .in the squad wich will greatly improve the team..but we are still crying out for that world class midfielder..Aka..Robson,
      Keane.even Ince..,Stiles..etc.

      Teams like Barca.... Wolves,Dippers.,W.Brom etc.cut through our midfield for fun last season.We still have the same Central midfield.Can we really say ..watch out Barca.

      Our away form was dreadful for Unitedlast season.

      I hope we still get that final peice in the jigsaw..before the window closes.

    • I'm disappointed that we have't really strenghtened the squad as much as i'd hoped and as much as we need to, and i'm dead pissed that we are slow and passive when it comes to chasing transfer targets, but, while i can't speak for everyone, that doesn't mean that all of us here aren't aware that central midfield is our Achilles heel. As a matter of fact, we all are aware that CM is our kink and it needs to be adressed ASAP. We just idffer in terms of our opinions on whether we should sign anyone or draft in replacements from within the club to plug that hole.

    • I'll believe Sneijder isn't coming on August 31st .... if he isn't here.

    • Good post Jimwes, I also agree with Chris' post. I'm happy to see us go into this season throwing complete faith in Anderson (who hopefully stays fit) and Cleverley, backed up by a fit again Fletcher, the experience of Giggs, and emerging talent of Pogba. Carrick is still a good squad player.

      Central midfield was the weakness last season and does need improvement, but I think that can come from the freshness of youth. I honestly think Anderson will surprise some people this season having got a good pre season behind him and given a good run of games. I also rate Cleverley highly. I don't think its the end of the world an experienced signing hasn't been made.

    • "he had some good games,some bad & some average." ? I didn't know Modric was at Wigan last season.

    • Good post jim

    • "going backwards" in relation to other teams. But it's more a figure of speach. Stagnating is probably a better term.

      Not being reliant on Giggs is a positive?!
      Who have we got with his experience and passing ability?

      Utd may play better football than last year but last year we weren't that good. And don't give me all this crap about "well we won the league"

      I want to see Utd imrpove much more than we look to have done - that's all. I can't believe alot of you don't see the CM area as our weakness.

    • Good points Jim.

      But we shouldn't rest on our laurels and expect too much from Anderson and Cleverley and the like. Yes we want to give youth a go but we should also think about making sure we are top-notch all over the pitch. I just don't think you can say that about CM.

      "playing Barca" - if Utd reach the CL final, there's a high chance we will play them. And do you want to see the same thing happen as last season? Fergie may have learnt something from that game, but didn't he say he learned something from the previous CL final against them? Surely getting a truly WC player would lessen the chance of our midfield being over-run? How many more chances do we give Carrick and Anderson? Remember it was Giggs who saved the day in midfield many times last year.

    • How does that equate to us possibly going backwards?

      'Unless all players improve and the likes of Cleverley are a revelation, we are in danger of going backwards..'

      If thats the case, surely we're in danger of nothing more than stagnating?

      If the keeper fails to be as consistent asd VDS, and makes more blunders like he did against Citeh, we've gone backwards, but otherwise.....

      Defensively, we have improved, simple as that. Smalling is getting better, Jones looks to be a monster of a signing, and the Da Silva twins are improving very fast. We didn't even have Fabio until late in the season, and he made the CL final!

      In midfield, a crap Gibson is on his way, a past it Scholes has gone, Anderson has a pre-season at last under his belt, and we have two impressive kids coming through in Cleverley and Pogba.

      We have a decent left winger at last in Young, so thats a massive improvement, and Nani again, is improving. We were also without Valencia most of last season, and we wont be as dependent on Giggs now, meaning a fresher, stronger squad.

      Upfront we have Welbeck and Macheda a year older, a bit more experienced, with Rooney (crap for a good until March-ish year but now back to his best) alongside the revelation of Hernandez, who he has one hell of a rapport with. Even more competition upfront then.

      Sorry....backwards how??!

      There was no place for Sneijder. I think most people here dont seem to realise, he doesn't play in a two man midfield, and has struggled when he has. We dodged a bullet in my opinion.

      This season Im convinced we'll see better football and a better away record, with a youthful side that will impress everyone. This obsession with Barca is ridiculous.

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