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  • JayKay Jay JayKay Jay Aug 7, 2011 18:33 Flag

    Who Needs Sneijder?

    Guys.this was the best i have ever seen United play in quite a while.Indeed we've won big games but THIS perticular win deserves a bottle...or even two.If you compare the first half and the second,you have the answers.I have always wished for a Ando and any other midfielder besides Carrick and Flectcher and i have to say that Cleverly and Anderson's combination,left unchanged a couple of games will make this team another one of the best we've ever had.His passing and mobility is way above compared to Carrick.I just wish that he gets his chance.Some of us will say he needs more games to prove his worth,not ready yet but remember he had a full season at Wigan,where his contribution was immense.THIS mid is what will bring back our entertaining game.Credit also to Nani and Young.The fact that they can swicth wings almost "Naturally" makes me also believe that this team is complete.We still got Valencia,Chicharito and alot other who didn't feature today.impressed by Welbeck too.I mean,what can i say...the whole team been lacking a playmaker and Cleverly can fill that role.