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  • After Evra went of and before Berbatov came on the oldest players in the utd team were Rooney and Young. The average age of the team in that period was 23 and the average age of the defence was 21

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    • youth is fearless, enthusiastic and tenacious! A joy to watch. Beautiful football too. Manchester best football in england, getting better than Barca to come!

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      • as an ex... very ex left back... in the days of yore.... and i was quite quick myself.... pace is frightening. my manager at that time picked myself and my mate as fullbacks because we had pace.... okay okay it was only amatuer stuff but we ran riot... but, being faced with it coming at you which did happen makes life very difficult and today utd showed that, such pace combined with the overall ability to be mobile in terms of where you play and a deep seated work ethic makes for a team that not many will beat. it may not be this season but the look of the squad overall seems to point to a very bright future. it may well be we are back to the days of super fast counter attcks such as we had when ronaldo plied his trade but today seemed more of a team performance and new relationships and understandings on the park blossoming...
        or is it just the post match euphoria at beating city amd the wine talking...? hic....

    • young blood blooded ...hurray good energy