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    WELCOME to the ENGLISH Prem, CLOWN!!!

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    • There is a new blog on Andy's site, and he has promised to give continual updates. The comments are a little worrying though, if the third one has any accuracy to it, i.e. that the shares will "only be offered to institutions and not individuals".

    • The Jim I was talking about is the "Jim W" on here, but given the stylistic similarities and grasp of economics, I presume is the same Jim who made the comment on Andy Green's blog.

      The point is that the Glazers are hoping to make £600M from this floatation which indicates a serious overvaluation of the club (if the figure of 25% is accurate). £300M is more consistent with the clubs current valuation. But if you get United's fans buying overvalued shares out of loyalty to the club, this would bring in more money than a huge ST price increase.

      Still getting a stake in the club even while being ripped-off might be worth it. As I said, I don't know the details, and I am waiting to talk to people who do. For instance, you wouldn't buy a house without a surveyor's report, so for now there has to be a little caution, until those who can adeptly analyse the situation give out their advice to the various supporters groups, fanzines, FCUM, etc.

    • You might buy some shares Ian!..................The benefits in France must be more generous than I thought!

    • I did read it, but what jim are you talking about ? You rage on against the Glazers; but when there's a chance of buying back, you start giving excuses.I might buy some shares.

    • What on Earth are you talking about? An excuse for what precisely? I put a link to a blog which you clearly haven't bothered to read. The various supporters groups will look at what is happening. MUST might sell share packages again, which will make it easy for you to buy shares, as they did in the past. I might buy shares depending on the situation. Jim has already introduced a note of caution in an earlier post. Try reading it.

    • Yes, always got a ready-made excuse.

    • It is difficult because details are not yet forthcoming about the proposed floatation. But here is an article that might interest you:


    • Loving the arguing girls!

      None of you 'so-called' Man U supporters who use this discussion board go to any Man U games (eg - Black Chris, knobhead Altree, Slaphead Harris, mu_devon etc) because you're always on here posting within two minutes after the Yahoo matchcast has ended, so why the hell do any of you think your opinions count?


    • whilst on the topic of FC are they all going to buy into the club with the Asian flotation? or would that be helping the glazers too much ? perhaps from inside they could convince the glazers to sell shares to members of the club and part of the membership a minimum share requirement?

    • It is clear to anybody that I wasn't being ABSOLUTELY literal. Why do I need statistics when I can recognize faces? Most of United's away support are sympathetic to FC, and will go and watch FC when United are not playing. Whether you like that or not is irrelevant. It is simply factual. It is all the familiar old faces who have been going since the seventies - surely you must know some of them as they have been United's hardcore support for ages.

      As for Eric's comment, FC isn't simply anti-Glazer. It is anti-exclusion, and absolutely nobody can deny that social exclusion is practised by clubs since the inception of the EPL. The inner-city kids who filled the Stretford End on what was a cheap day out (30p when I started going in the seventies) are no longer able to go....the younger generation of those families are despised by the club. They are not welcome. They do not go to 'consume the product' as Gill puts it. Let's deal with reality here.

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