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  • The Destroyah!!! The Destroyah!!! Aug 18, 2011 05:22 Flag

    Is Arsenal City's feeder club?

    Adebayor, Clichy, and now Nasri??? Is Wenger the new number #2 for Manchini??? Incredible. And the Gunner fans wonder why they have no siilverware for the past 6+ years......

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    • were you and pixie seperated at birth?

      did he get the posh family down south while you ended up in some smelly northern hovel, combing whippets?

      you sound so much alike you could almost be the same poster.

      Nahhh couldnt be could it?


    • Nasri is the ONLY player that has left Arsenal (well...nearly left apparently) that ANY Arsenal fan that truly understands those players would be p!ssed off at seeing the back of.

      Toure...past it.

      Adebayor.....every Arsenal fan would glady have paid for the cab fare to City just to get rid of the dumb c*nt.

      Clichy.....absolute LIABILITY!!!!

      Didn't Tevez (a GREAT little player) leave United for City BTW???

    • Agree with Devon in that Nasri will be the first player who will be of any loss to Arsenal.

      Clichy has been going backwards for years now, I think they have a player that will turn out better in Gibbs. And although they could probably do with Adebayor now, he did have a terrible attitude.

      Nasri will be a big blow to them though. Wenger has to spend some of the circa 50 million before the window closes or I think they will be in big trouble.

    • Don`t forget Toure. However, to be honest I don`t think Adebayor was much of a loss - good player, lousy attitude. I also think that Clichy is past his best. The one that will really hurt arsenal is the loss of Nasri, a player approaching his peak who along with Fabregas was their main creative force last season. At least Fabregas went abroad but losing one of your top players to a premiership rival ain`t a good sign.