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  • Man_United_Raj Man_United_Raj Aug 22, 2011 23:01 Flag

    The Kids Are Alright

    Just got home from the match, and WHAT a second half performance. Just superb.

    We have known for a while how good De Gea's distribution is, but to actually see it in full flow tonight was awesome. The way he can kick a ball first time out to the wingers and fullbacks to start off attacks is amazing. He will start off a lot of moves this season that will end in goals, no doubt. His keeping was very solid too apart from two moments where he failed to cut out a cross and a mini fumble (which he recovered anyway).

    Jones and Evans were brilliant again. I can't believe Phil Jones is so young. What a commanding performance. Like a young Steve Bruce/Vidic only quicker! Smalling was a marauder down the wings again. Considering the average age of teh back four and keeper, the way they kept the likes of Bale, Van der Vaart, Defoe, Pavluchenko and Lennon at bay was commendable.

    Anderson was a bit subdued in the first half but he came out firing on all cylinders in the 2nd half while Cleverley was solid throughout. Great passing, effective pressing and his cross for the 1st goal was world class. Nani and Young were a bit disappointing tonight though, it has to be said.

    And then there's Danny boy. Liek Ando, a quiet first half, but after he got the goal he was transformed. The back heel to Anderson is a small indication of the imagination and vision this kid has got. How many others would have just taken a shot and hope for the best? No need to say anything about Rooney that hasn't been said before. He was, as always, pure class.

    We might be only two games in, and this team might well struggle after a couple of (inevitable) bad results here and there during a long campaign, but what a season this could be.

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    • Its going to be hard for him to get a look in this season. Even though Fergie said he was going nowhere, I expected him to join Blackburn or Newcastle on loan, as supposedly we're in talks with the two.

    • Talking of Macheda I note Fergie no longer mentions him when talking about strikers ( nor Diouf, but no surprises there I guess).

    • Im in absolute agreement on him staying here as opposed to going on loan for the same reasons, but then Fergie said they needed to keep Macheda under watchful eye instead of a loan spell, shortly afterwards he went to Sampdoria!?

      All I have been trying to say is what you just did!

      I dont want to see Morrison's talent wasted, and like you say there is this balancing act between throwing him in or letting his progress stagnate. However I lean towards a slow integration over the course of the season. If he's training with the first team then great, lets give this some time first, no rush.

      I have no worries about him breaking through. I've said before (and repeatedly get slated for it), this is the best bunch of kids we've seen since the last bunch, dare I say it, with more potential, and Fergie has acknowledged this and made a big statement by not signing anyone else.

      Saying that, Sneijder will probably join on deadline day now!

    • Yes its mutual, but it doesn't stop me disagreeing with you, this place would be pretty boring if the 'regulars' agreed on everything!
      ( but I don't throw insults ).
      My obsession, as you put it, with Morrison is that I don't want to see a very rare talent wasted. It seems to me that there is a careful balance to be struck between not rushing things and let him stagnate and get bored which given his personality could be fatal. Again its a balance between not rewarding stupidity but being careful to give every opportunity. I am sure Fergie and his staff will be trying to get this right, because they know what they have ( potentially) in their hands. My own view, expressed before , is that a loan spell away from 'Fergie's' protection could be fatal, yet he must get continuing opportunities. So I don't see anything other than a gradual introduction to the first 11. There are many many matches, so its not a case of 'instead of who' opportunities will present themselves I just hope Fergie has the confidence in yet more youth to allow both Morrison and Pogba to take them.

    • Agree with you fully Chris

    • I alluded to this in a previous post Stefan. I believe quality centre halves should be able to play at the top level until they are 36ish.

      Steve Bruce and Tony Adams seemed to get better and better as they got older (quality players mastering positioning over rides losing pace).

    • The other thing that must be said is that although Jones and Smalling may soon enough 'replace' Rio, and latterly, Vidic, we can't afford to lose either of them. I think both will be great defenders till their mid 30s, and playing fewer games will help them. They also double up as player coaches. We are in an enviable position. We shouldn't need to buy a centre back for the next 4 years - ie. when Rio does fully retire.

    • I full agree Ian.

      I think Stefan pointed out that Rio has been a class act the past 5 years, ever since his big contract saga he's really proved himself as one of the worlds best. Coinciding with having the right partner of course...

      The thing with Jones is, he's SO good, you just can't leave him out can you? End of the day we only signed him because the other top 5 went for him this summer, forcing our hand.

      Hernandez-Rooney is the best partnership for me. I see Welbeck performing better in Rooneys role (not so deep so often mind), so I look forward to seeing him alongside Hernandez. Its encouraging that Welbeck has done so well furthest man upfront.

      I was wrong about Jones being a midfielder. Sure he could play there with his eyes closed, but him and Smalling are without doubt the future central defence.

      Lucky, lucky England!

    • Dogmatic?! How ironic!

      The only person who asserts his opinions to be true, is YOU!

      Please dont accuse me of something without presenting some sort of evidence, you're at least better than that.

      There IS no place for Ravel in this United side...if thats incorrect please show me where he fits in and when?! I said Carling cup might be possible, but whats your rush/obsession with him anyway?

      You are a perfect example of anyone who has their beliefs challenged (most people then!), you instinctively get your back up and go on the defensive, ignoring any shred of truth that negates your own opinion. You just can't admit you might be wrong, and have to throw in insults in the process.

      'In my humble opinion'

      There is nothing humble about you, as your post proves, you're astoundingly egocentric!

      I still like you though Jim! :)

    • Yes, Crerand isn't one to over-exaggerate, honest!

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