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    I fear when we play City.

    Let's not go over the top about the result on Sunday. Arsenal's defence was about as bad as I have seen and after 64yrs of watching Utd, (will be 75yrs next) I have seen plenty.

    To be honest our defence was at times very suspect with Evra going walkabout. Both Smalling and Jones were caught out of position at times although the midfield is improving, but a better team would have scored more than two goals.

    We can't go through the season with a ''We can score more than them'' cavalier attitude, because a well drilled team with top players will kill us off. City are now a side to be reckoned with and are realistic title contenders and if we play the same way against them I think Silva and Nasri will run the show.

    The above is just my opinion and I am sure some of you will shoot me down, but no good having rose tinted glasses, however it may give the more realistic amongst you food for thought. It is a pity that the boss was unable to buy a top drawer midfielder during this transfer window but just maybe the Sneider saga is not over yet!!!

    Please don't get me wrong, bragging rights were assured, it was a great win and could well have been 12-2, but I bet the boss had something to say afterwards, because it seemed to me that they, despite their poor team, had almost as much possession as we had.

    Yes I am critical, but then I have seen the very best Utd teams. Would also like to see the Captain clapping his hands and urging the team on like Robbo and keeno did, they would have rollicked the defence over both Arsenals goals.

    From a personal point of view, my Brother-in-Law is the same age as me and is a dyed in the wool Blue, he was on the phone extolling about the City win and giving my old ear a bashing. When the Utd game ended I rang him four times but nobody answered, strange.

    Up the Reds.

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    • The problem with the original theory is that neither united nor city will play anything like they did at the weekend when they play each other. Both teams knew they were up against sub standard opposition on sunday and both went for the jugular. When they play each other both teams will take a much more cautious approach

    • Exactly. lol The score proves that there is nothing to fear from City.

    • Erm, 3-2 to United ?

    • It doesn`t matter where they play its what the can do gthat matters. Nasri was credited with 3 assists against spurs and Young was also credited with 3 assists on Sunday plus he scored 2 goals. Yes city have the look of a great side but so do utd and on the evidence of the opening games of the season neither will feel they have anything to fear when they play each other - providing of course that both maintain their current form.

    • Not really as they're completely different players. City lack quality out and out wingers which we have in abundance, while we lack central playmakers which they have in both Nasri and Silva. Try not to get so offended when other teams are praised.

    • and here was me thinking that utd had their own answer to Silva and Nasri in Nani and Young. Also utd are pretty awesome upfront, especially now that Hernandez is on his way back. After all its utd not city who are on top of the league by virtual of scoring one more goal. I also don`t got along with all this press talk that the title is between just utd and city. This time last season everyone was awarding the title to chelsea because they made a good start but as the saying goes the league is a marthon not a sprint and its where you`re placed at the end that matters.

    • I agree with you spennnnnder.........(what's with all the nnn's).

      Of course a good result...but not to get caried away.

      I dont think Cleverley &Anderson are the answer to the centre of midfield...although they will get better. We still need that W/Class midfielder.

      S*hitty..have now got nasri..which i was hoping we could get..that would have been the icing on the cake ).which i am afraid, think tips the balance in their favour.

      Defence we are still all over the place..& Evra..as usual is always out of position.

      Smalling/Jones will of course get better..but will lack experience.

      We now move quicker...with Young/Nani.. & Valencia to also come back...there are a lot of positives..but still need to sort the Midfield/Defence out.

      Would be still nice to get Sneijder..yes but s*hitty are a worry..with their..sheik funds.

    • So I guess City's win over a turmoil-ridden Spurs is actually better than United destroying a hapless Arsenal???? Sounds like even up to me. And City will give up more goals on set pieces because their backline is average at best. I'll take my chances against City any day....