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  • seven of eleven seven of eleven Aug 30, 2011 05:20 Flag

    I fear when we play City.

    I agree with you spennnnnder.........(what's with all the nnn's).

    Of course a good result...but not to get caried away.

    I dont think Cleverley &Anderson are the answer to the centre of midfield...although they will get better. We still need that W/Class midfielder.

    S*hitty..have now got nasri..which i was hoping we could get..that would have been the icing on the cake ).which i am afraid, think tips the balance in their favour.

    Defence we are still all over the place..& Evra..as usual is always out of position.

    Smalling/Jones will of course get better..but will lack experience.

    We now move quicker...with Young/Nani.. & Valencia to also come back...there are a lot of positives..but still need to sort the Midfield/Defence out.

    Would be still nice to get Sneijder..yes but s*hitty are a worry..with their..sheik funds.

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