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  • ManUtdUSA ManUtdUSA Sep 10, 2011 19:45 Flag

    dreading 9 september

    Robert, I normally enjoy reading your posts (except the occasional ABU rhetoric) but, seriously, WTF?
    Are you really comparing accidents and disease to the willful massacre of thousands of innocent people?

    Before you get on your high horse re. Iraq and Afghanistan, remember that Afghanistan was controlled by the Taliban. Do you really think the people there are unhappy with the end of that regime? I'm sure the women are, for a start.
    As for Iraq, Saddam's fear of Iran was to blame for his refusal to prove he had no WMDs. That's from the man himself, as I met te FBI handler that spent considerable time with him.
    What about the atrocities carried out upon his own people? What about the Kurds?

    I will agree that the post 9/11 reaction was extremely heavy handed, but isn't that human nature? What exactly is the "right" response? THAT is why the media will prattle on about it, because it really was unprecedented.