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  • Changing your tune a bit Robert?

    Now you are not belittleing it but just feel that other incidents are more worthy of our sympathy due to more dying!

    Why not just come out and say you were wrong instead of shifting goal posts. If i remember, the British public dug deep, VERY DEEP into their pockets to raise money for the Tsunami victims. No need for the Americans as they have plenty of money and resources but i can assure you, every Boxing Day just as 9/11, the public remember those killed accross Asia.................Even if the media don't give as much coverage (or do they?, i have personal seen a fair few Tsunami related doc's).

    But the OTT Yank media is not the issue, It is respect for the suffering of the victims and their loved ones who died on a massive scale. I have never, NEVER understood targeting innocent people whatever your cause. I don't care if it's 9/11, 7/7 or a single bomber on a bus with Joe Public.

    When the USS Cole was targeted, I could understand how in a war, the warship could be thought of as a legitimate target.................But not ordinary people going about their day with no intention of hurting anyone!

    The people of Britain, France, Spain (ETA), Iran, Isreal, Afghanistan (the list would take all day), are NOT, i repeat NOT, legitimate targets simply because some elected or un-elected politicians have pi55ed off some other country.

    I won't bother searching but i doubt i could find any posts from you reference Man U or Liverpool fans "getting things into perspective" about how many died in their tragedy's!.................Surely if this is your opinion, then clearly you must feel like this?

    Maybe you just thought it would be anti government or controversial to bother posting that people should get over it?.....................Well congratulations Robert...............You weren't without your supporters!

    PS. I'm not sure but i think Chelsea is your team? Either way, i hope if anything awfull happens to the players or supporters of your team, you come straight on here and tell the world that it barely registers on the Tragedy-ometer