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  • John S John S Sep 8, 2011 07:43 Flag

    dreading 9 september

    Americans banging on how they were bombed Christ England was bombed every day for 5 years anyone with me

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    • It's still on the tv today why are the tv companies still showing this s*hit

    • Why should I separate them?


    • I don't want to keep harping on about this, but you're completely failing to separate disease/accident/natural disaster from a deliberate act of terrorism.

    • Changing your tune a bit Robert?

      Now you are not belittleing it but just feel that other incidents are more worthy of our sympathy due to more dying!

      Why not just come out and say you were wrong instead of shifting goal posts. If i remember, the British public dug deep, VERY DEEP into their pockets to raise money for the Tsunami victims. No need for the Americans as they have plenty of money and resources but i can assure you, every Boxing Day just as 9/11, the public remember those killed accross Asia.................Even if the media don't give as much coverage (or do they?, i have personal seen a fair few Tsunami related doc's).

      But the OTT Yank media is not the issue, It is respect for the suffering of the victims and their loved ones who died on a massive scale. I have never, NEVER understood targeting innocent people whatever your cause. I don't care if it's 9/11, 7/7 or a single bomber on a bus with Joe Public.

      When the USS Cole was targeted, I could understand how in a war, the warship could be thought of as a legitimate target.................But not ordinary people going about their day with no intention of hurting anyone!

      The people of Britain, France, Spain (ETA), Iran, Isreal, Afghanistan (the list would take all day), are NOT, i repeat NOT, legitimate targets simply because some elected or un-elected politicians have pi55ed off some other country.

      I won't bother searching but i doubt i could find any posts from you reference Man U or Liverpool fans "getting things into perspective" about how many died in their tragedy's!.................Surely if this is your opinion, then clearly you must feel like this?

      Maybe you just thought it would be anti government or controversial to bother posting that people should get over it?.....................Well congratulations Robert...............You weren't without your supporters!

      PS. I'm not sure but i think Chelsea is your team? Either way, i hope if anything awfull happens to the players or supporters of your team, you come straight on here and tell the world that it barely registers on the Tragedy-ometer


    • I'd just like to post some interesting stats that have come about since 2,792 innocent lives ten years ago today.

      4,683 Yank soldiers have died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

      More than 32,800 troop injuries—20% with serious brain or spinal chord injuries, and 30% with serious mental health disorders. (Not mentioning the families whose lives have been disrupted or destroyed.)

      911,911 (Yes thats a real number!) Iraqis and Afghans have been killed by our troops, 1,687,780 injured.

      The problem is Iran. Radical Islam is a real threat to all of us, its not simply fear-mongering, and aslong as it exists (which it always has, and probably always will aslong as Islam exists) then everyones safety and freedoms are at stake.

      I get annoyed when I see people use the crusades as an example of Christianity causing bloodshed (and believe me Im no fan of the Pope!), but the reality is if it wasn't for them then we'd all be speaking Arabic right now.

      Iran have made their intentions clear since 1980, and nothings changed - Islam must conquer the world. They believe they are in the end times, and will do what they can to bring about the 12 Imam. They are willing to die for their cause, even using kids, and ever since the Marines were called back from Beirut in 1980, they saw our weakness, and have been exposing it ever since. We cant bomb them, they want that as then they'll have an excuse, and they are arming themselves with nukes with the real intention of using them.

      Israel is in serious danger, we all are. Think about this, you probably have a Muslim near you, they're strategically placed, even if they dont know it yet. Ever heard a Muslim speak out against it? polls suggest at least 1 in 3 Muslims think 9/11 was justified!

      A 'holy war' is inevitable. It will be the 3rd world war and you'll all probably see it very soon.

    • I know what your saying the americans have had anniversary every year since it happened let it go for f*ucksake

    • I agree, and said earlier, that 9/11 was a game changer and a "where were you when" moment. I could bore you with a great deal of detail about what I did and thought that afternoon. 7/7 was rather different.

      A hundred times as many people died in the Asian tsunami. My point is that that event is way more significant in the tragedy stakes but has been pretty much forgotten while 9/11 goes on and on. If you want to commemorate tragedies shouldn't you go for the tsunami first?


    • You might have a bottomless well of sympathy and infinite time to practise it. On the off chance you don't, the victims of which event will you devote more of your time and emotion to - 9/11 where two and half thousand people died or the Asian tsunami where two and a half hundred thousand people died?

      My guess is 9/11. And if I'm right, you've no business lecturing me on "who gives a fuck" attitudes.


    • Does going on a rant make you feel good?

      My point is merely that there are other things which kill way more innocent people but which aren't given the prominence of 9/11 and 7/7. This is partly because, and partly contributes to, people having a very poor perception of risk. Remember a few years ago when stories or paedophiles were all over the media and parents stopped letting their children out of their sight in case they were kidnapped/molested/murdered/raped by a man lurking behind the lamp-post? It was absurd. It was absurd because the chances of children being attacked by someone they don't know are hugely less than (i) being molested by a family member or friend and (ii) the chances of being run over. But never mind - once the Sun starts putting it on the front page everyone gets obsessed by it.

      So it is with 9/11 and 7/7. I said earlier 9/11 was two and a half thousand individual tragedies and 7/7 fifty odd tragedies. Where is the proportion? More British soldiers have died in Afghanistan than British people died in 9/11 and 7/7 together. More British people died in the Asian tsunami than in 9/11 and 7/7 together. The total death toll of the Asian tsunami was one *hundred* times as many as died in 9/11.

      So tell me. Don't you think the tsunami casualties deserve a great deal more of your compassion than the casualties of 9/11? Shouldn't there be more on the TV about the tsunami than just us watching endless re-runs of planes hitting buildings in New York?


    • Exactly. Robert should hang his head in shame and the sheep that followed him.WELL!

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