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    Kevin Davies out to get United players?

    Cleverley wrote on his Facebook page after the game ended that "Not feeling good. Feeling like I have broken my foot," he wrote. "Got the scan tomorrow ... so angry right now, want everyone to know I got no apology from Kevin Davies! Season could be over and received no apology.""

    These small time WEAKLINGS just don't get it, don't they? That FOOTBALL is a PHYSICAL game with CONTACT through tackling and challenging, if Cleverley has a broken bone in his foot­ then hard luck it could have happened in any game he­ plays, he gives as much as he gets, that's the­ motto........Davies is Bolton's centre-forward, if a­ lightweight midfielder such as Cleverley challenges a 6ft 2 in­ player and doesn't take a knock then he hasn't­ done his duty, that's what Fergal says, its­ unlucky that there was an injury, he will recover, I­ broke my bloody leg in two places, tibia and fibula, was in­ hospital for 4 weeks and in plaster for 14 weeks, spent­ 6 months rehabilitating and then did a three year­ Advanced P.E.Course, taught 35 yrs.P.E and­ Sport
    Recreation and didn't­ complain.........................we were men in those­ days not POOFS!

    Sob, sob, sob! Poor United players being targeted by footballs hard men.

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    • Not forgetting the additional 5 match ban and £150k fine when the book was published.

      Hardly a let off for him.

    • "One rule for Man U players and another rule for everyone else!"

      Actually no.
      Keane rightly got a red for that challenge, and was probably the biggest nutcase ever to play for Utd.

    • Perhaps one day Kevin Davies will write an autobiography like Roy Keane did, that's the same so-called Man U 'legend' Roy Keane who admitted that he wanted to "hurt" Alf-Inge Haaland.

      "I'd waited long enough. I f**king hit him hard. The ball was there (I think). Take that you c**t. And don't ever stand over me sneering about fake injuries."

      One rule for Man U players and another rule for everyone else!


    • aqnd just how many other dodgy tackles did he make in the game ? If it had been just one or even two I wouldn't have been so sweeping in my comment

    • Cleverley was just unlucky. Davies clearly went for the ball and there was no malice what-so-ever!

    • "cleverley has to be a bit careful with his comments."

      Do try to keep up spursbint, Cleverley made no remarks, the ones attributed to him were from a fake Twitter account.

    • talk about drama queens!

      it was a stupid, silly, needeless & clumsy challenge from davies.

      but he didnt intend to injure cleverely & it only warrants a yellow card.

      u see at least 1 of these types of fouls per match with a yellow or a warning being the usual punishment.

      cleverley has to be a bit careful with his comments.
      because unless he & his team mates apologise for every foul they commit that injures a player, he will look like either a hypocrite or biased.

      "There have been suggestions that refs are under pressure from the likes of SKY not to send players off because it can ruin a game"

      devon, u sound more & more like the media u despise so much!

    • He went for the ball...............Nothing evil in the tackle

    • That i believe was Davies 100th premier league booking.

    • The lad has every right to feel angry and a bit down if he has broken his foot as a result of the challenge. He's just broken into the team and started the season well, so its natural to be disappointed if he is now going to miss the next few months. It wouldn't have hurt Davies to offer an apology to him.

      As for Davies, I don't particularly like the guy, but I don't think there was any malice in the challenge. It was mistimed tackle and should have recieved a booking, but you'll see plenty worse challenges this season. It was just unfotunate that Cleverley has come out injured from it. I think Davies challenge on Evra was worse, and should have seen him walk for a second booking, but I don't think he was deliberately targeting our players. He's a tough tackler, and his comments before hand were just mind games. He's still a twat, but there is nothing that the FA need to look into here.

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      • What is far more worrying is what seems to be a growing tend for refs to let bad tackles go without a booking if they are committed early on in a game. A bookable offence is a bookable offence whether it happens in the 1st muinute of a game or the 90th minute. There have been suggestions that refs are under pressure from the likes of SKY not to send players off because it can ruin a game, if such pressure does exist it needs to be ignored because the safety of the players come first. I would also argue that sometimes a game can be ruined because the ref doesn`t take action early enough, it means the players think they have the leeway to push the boundaries so what we end up with is a game which is dominated by tough tactics rather than free flowing football.

      • Apology for what exactly?

        From the angles I have seen in video replays of the unfortunate incident, I thought Davies was fully entitled to go for the ball because Cleverley was not in control of the ball. I do not believe Davies is to blame. There is certainly a minimal contact with Cleverley but Davies won the ball if you look at the video evidence.http://www.101greatgoals.com/videodisplay/kevin-davies-awful-challenge-tom-cleverley-boltonman-united-15393175/ I think the fact that he got the ball could have influenced referee's decision not to give a yellow card. It was mistimed rather than malicious tackle.

        Why *some* United fans can't accept this is beyond me.

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