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  • Alan C Alan C Sep 11, 2011 09:04 Flag

    Kevin Davies out to get United players?

    If you are genuine about your teaching course. you will be aware that for more than 20 years your attitude clashes with the majority of sporting philosophies over injuries and approach to them
    by most of the sports ruling bodies and if you had spouted them at official coaching courses you'd have failed to get certified.
    As for Kevin Davies. he publicly nailed his colours to a post and should have seen red quite early in the game, I can only think that the ref somehow was unaware of his attitude or that the guy couldn't be stupid enough to mean his statements then go ahead and do it?
    If it had been an united player then the FA would be jumping in with both feet to extract the hashest punishment they could

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    • "If it had been an united player then the FA would be..."

      Oh blah, blah, blah, United are so special we get picked on. I'm going to tell mummy on you.

      Go over to the Liverpool board and you'll find Kenny Dalglish complaining that all the refereeing decisions so far this season have gone against his club.

      See the connection?