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  • With chelsea at the weekend there are bound to be changes, and apparently SAF has said that he might go with experience. However, that doesn`t apply to defence, according to reports Ferdinand has not travelled with the squad and is being rested ahead of the chelsea game. It does seem likely that Carrick, Fletcher, Giggs and if he`s fit Valencia might feature. However, I would be very surprised if, as the press seem to think, utd start with Berbatov. SAF tends to start European away games with just one striker and given Berbatov poor record in Europe, he hasn`t scored since utd played celtic a couple of seasons ago, I just can`t see that one striker being him. However, if SAF decides to go with two strikers then Berbatov could well be the second striker, although personally I would prefer that utd started with Rooney and Hernandez.

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