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  • Alan C Alan C Sep 18, 2011 18:57 Flag

    Gotta feel sorry for Torres

    for our sake I'm glad he hasn't regained his confidence but one day he will, and probably be a better player for coming through his crisis, hopefully after we've opened up a big gap between us and anyone else.
    yippee yippee we're 2 points clear

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    • interesting article by Martin Samuel in the Daily Mail about Torres and that £50 million price tag and tehb weight of expectation it has produced. Basically he`s saying that when the score was 3-0 and the game all but won by utd Torres scored because there was no pressure on him, but when it was 0-0, 1-0, 3-1 and a goal would have changed the game he missed. Interesting SAF compard that miss with the one made by Forlan in a friendly between utd and juventus and just as Forlan struggled to cope with the pressure of playing for a top club so Torres is struggling to cope with being the most expensive signing in the premiership.