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  • Ralf S Ralf S Sep 19, 2011 14:12 Flag

    Gotta feel sorry for Torres

    It was by no means the worst miss that I've seen this season, never mind of all time.

    However, the contrast between a very nice first touch, elegant by passing of de Gea and a poorly struck left footed shot was quite striking.

    That looked very discordant.

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    • Cheers Robert

      Maybe I'm basking in the warm emotions generated by the fact that we didn't pay £50m for a numpty who only uses his left peg to stand on?

      Is that more like it?

    • Hush, Ralf, the day after the game all United fans are supposed to be trashing Chelsea. You are allowed the following opinions:

      - one or both of the first two goals weren't offside and, if they were, United would have won anyway
      - there was only significant refereeing mistake made in the match and that was in not sending off Ashley Cole
      - apart from the other mistake which was not giving United a penalty despite the ball being out of play
      - Chelsea defence got ripped apart (almost as much as ours did)
      - Chelsea strikers - what are they all about? Did you see Torres' misses? What about Ramires then?
      - Rooney's miss from two yards was nothing like as bad. In fact, he was trying to set up Hernandez off the post
      - Berbatov was unlucky with his open goal. You can see the sun get in his eyes fractionally before he hit the ball.
      - Rooney's penalty kick was nothing at all like John Terry's kick that we have been laughing at for three years. no, no, no. An investigation has been opened into how the Chelsea groundsmen sabotaged the pitch.
      - that Chelsea had only a few more shots on target than us shows how much we dominated the game (courtesy of Butch)
      - Bosingwa should have been sent off when getting to the ball before Nani and Nani fell over his foot

      and so on.

      Hope this helps.