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  • All the following are 23 and under have played for the 1st team:

    de Gea, Amos, Jones, Smalling, Evans, Fabio, Rafael, Fryers, Anderson, Cleverley, Pogba, Cole, Macheda, Welbeck

    Waiting in the wings - Morrison (I don`t count the few seconds he was on the pitch in last season`s Carling Cup as playing for the 1st team), Will Keane, Michael Keane, Cofie, Thorpe, Tunnicliffe, Brady (who has been outstanding for hull)

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    • Only saw highlights of your match yesterday, but have to say it does look like you have a number of youngsters almost ready to push into your first team, even if it was the old men who took the goals.

      But, and I was not sure I should start a thread on this, and be accused of being an abu having a go, I was surprised no one started a thread on the darker side of last nights match. I know there is plenty of bad blood between you and Leeds supporters, and there is no doubt the pre-match activity of the Leeds faithful did not cover them in glory, but can't say the banners I read about taunting the locals about the stabbings in Istanbul bring your own fans much praise. Add the chanting to this, and I'm surprised no one on here has started a thread condemning the silly few who marred what otherwise should be a match you take some pride and satisfaction from.

    • at least they should save us some important transfer funds with all these sugar daddies around

    • Waiting in the wings - Add Petrucci. Matty James has been playing well for the reserves too. I'd also add Reece Brown and Sean McGinty.

      Obviously all of these lads aren't going to make it, but its an exciting crop of young players to have at the club. Good luck to all of them