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  • stefan t stefan t Sep 22, 2011 00:13 Flag

    Ever Banega

    Yes, the obsession is back. Dominated Barcelona again tonight. He's criminally underrated.

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    • yes i wasnt concerned about valencia not selling to us.

      more with the player being attracted to us.

      but no real reason for them to leave valencia for another spanish team unless its the big 2.

      i know harry likes llronte & i think we are a bigger team than bilbao.

    • I agree - Valencia still are debt ridden. They have to keep on selling.

    • i think potentially he could be better. modric's range of passing is under rated. he can hit long balls out wide inch perfect or do the little akward thru balls as well.

      i agree that banega is stronger & better defensively.

      but why would a valencia player leave for us. id say valencia are a bigger team.

    • Another season banging on about Banega again for you then is it Stefan? Lol.
      He's a good player, surprised nobody has taken him off Valencia's hands yet considering they've been quite happy to cash in on any player this past couple of summers

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      • He had a bad season last year Steve. But he's now returned to the level of the season before last. Valencia seem to regenerate almost as well as Porto and Benfica - they've signed their own Messi in Piatti (basically another Argentine midget who's pretty good at dribbling), as well as Canales on loan from Madrid. 2 very astute signings. They've made Banega number 10, signifying his importance, even though he's more of a number 4. He's just one of my very favourite players to watch. I do actually prefer watching him to Xavi and Iniesta, plus I do think he would suit the Premiership because he's strong too. I'm surprised Jose hasn't seen that he'll never outmuscle Barca with the leaden Carrick-like players they have at the base of their midfield - I would rather have Cleverley than Alonso given his agility and ability to play 1 touch. Buying Valencia's best players should have been his 1st step to beating Barca. Banega dominates the Spaniards every single time.

      • i watched the game too & thought banega was very good.
        works hard & can put in a good tackle as well.
        good distribution too.

        iv always supported valencia as my spanish team!

        the 2 new CBs seemed to have made our defence a lot stronger this year.

        soldado is another player who has slipped under the rador.
        i don't think he has even got a international cap yet?

    • Stefan, I saw some of the match and you are correct , he was excellent. In fact Valencia again dominated Barca for long periods matching their pressing game. Dare I say that it was only when the mere humans tired and the pills took over that Barca got back into the match?

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      • I'm glad someone has finally seen him play near his best appart from me! I'll say it again, he is the only player I've seen take Xavi and Iniesta in a pure footballing sense, and dominate. It's now happened 3 times so it can't be an anomaly. He can do everything Xavi does, but is a bit more physically robust - that's why I keep suggesting him. If Madrid really wanted to beat Barca in the league, they should have bought him and Silva - they lack agility in midfield.

        Valencia certainly play excellent football. They are a better passing side than Madrid, that's for sure.

      • So what's your evidence when you imply that Barca players take, what I presume you think, are illegal, performance-enhancing drugs?

    • Is that number 47 or 48?