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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Sep 24, 2011 14:42 Flag

    Don't call my bluff!

    Firstly, despite what our Layla insists, these ARE stupid odds to give, and only a moron would do so, especially one who earns f*ck all for a living like her!

    Its a 3 horse race this season, and Chelski are probably 3rd favourites at this point, but not by a long shot by any means. Particularly if last weeks game is anything to go by. Betting against Chelski would be foolish, but Layla is a well known cretin, and given that you're not Robert (unless you're discussing Chelski!), Im sure you know she was never going to go through with this!?

    I'd be nice to her and put just a couple quid on it, but I know she still wouldn't cough up!

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    • they are only stupid odds in relation to what the bookies offer.
      don't forget thye bookies are biased towards themselves so they will always offer poor odds.

      for example spurs are 50/1 to win the league. that is awful odds!
      we have no hope of winning the league & a 1 in 50 chance is a very poor offer. id say 500/1 is actually what u deserve to win if u bet on spurs to win the league despite having a much weaker team than utd & city. chelsea & arsenal are prob still a bit better than us too.

      chelsea lose 2 games in a week & concede 5 at home to arsenal. they have no hope of winning the league or CL.

      my offer is still open to anyone who wants to back chelsea at hose odds.

      there keeper is past his best & their defence is very poor.
      they need 2 new CBs & a RB if they are to be good enough defensively to win a major trophy.

      luiz dives in far too much, terry is on his last legs , ivanovic is decent but nothing special. boswinga is decent going foward but very poor defensively. & how the hell has mikel got away with being a DM for chelsea for so long?! i rarely see him do any good defensive work. there is a huge list of better DM at much lower teams than chelsea (parker, sandro, muamba, tiote & mulumbu).

      chelsea still need an overhaul before they are to challenge for the anything major. your still better than my spurs sadly!

      but i have to praise robs optimism! u have got to be on another planet to think chelsea can win the title or CL!