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  • Robert M Robert M Sep 23, 2011 23:28 Flag

    Don't call my bluff!

    Spursbabe wrote:

    [what planet are u on! iv already said to rob i genuinely offer these odds to him. i dont think they are stupid odds.
    im 100% confident wont finish ahead of utd & city, & obviously there are 4 or 5 teams better than them in the CL.

    i even offered him the chance of paying his stake after the seasons over when chelsea dont win either. so surely i have called his bluff.

    I can't let this pass. Here's me accepting your offer:

    1. Give me your paypal account details (by private email if you prefer, I'll give you an email address to communicate with me) and I will pay in £20. This is £10 for a bet that Chelsea will win the league this season at odds of 100-1, and a separate bet of £10 that Chelsea will win the Champions League this season at odds of 100-1. So if we win one or other you pay me £1000. If we win both you pay me £2000.

    Obviously, if you accept this bet and I make the payment it shows neither of us were bluffing.

    2. Give me confidence that you can pay out £10,000 (eg with a bank reference) and I will bet £100 on each of the two bets (£200 in total, paid into your Paypal account) with the proviso that if Chelsea won both my winnings would be limited to £10,000 (rather than £20,000).

    3. Give me serious confidence in your ability to pay (eg money paid into escrow account) and I will bet a minimum of £1,000 on each (£2,000 in total to win max £100,000).

    Bets 2 and 3 I don't expect you to offer and I won't draw any negative inference if you don't. If you are interested in bets 2 or 3 then the league bet offer I will keep open until the end of September (or longer if our league position doesn't worsen) and the CL bet offer I will keep open while Chelsea are in one of the top two group positions and until the day before the draw for the knock-out stage is made.


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    • yes very confident. far too many better teams in it.
      they cant all knock each other out. id guess u will get knocked out in the QFs.

      the manchester clubs going out just confirms u have no hope of winning the league. they can both concentrate even more on winning the league.

      i expected u to get to the quarters so im still very confident of u not winning it. barca & madrid far too strong for u. bayern would prob beat u too. & dont forget AVB is still having nightmares about arsenal tearing u apart, so he wont want 2legs against them. they could notch up double figures over 2 legs against your slow defence.

      on a selfish note(spurs), glad to see chelsea go through. it cant help your league form, can only be a hinderance or make no difference.

    • "iv got to admire your optimism thinking that team & squad can finish above city & utd & also barca & madrid in the CL."

      Ah well, the CL just got a bit easier with two of your favourites to beat us not there. So all we need now is Munich, Inter, Barca and Real to get drawn against each other in the quarters and semis and we have only one match against any of them for my money.

      Still feeling as confident?


    • thanks rob, all sorted.

      fair enough rob. i just disagree with your theory that if the odds are too generous then its worth a punt.

      for example, spurs are roughly 50/1 most of the time to win the league! for me the bookies are way too tight with their odds for obvious profit reasons. in my eyes spurs should be around 500/1. add a 0 on the end of wot the bookies offer for unlikely outside bets over a season & then u will have a fairer price!

      also, even if i was offered 500/1 for spurs to win the league, i still wouldnt bet £20 on it because i know its not going to happen!

      i honestly think chelsea would over achive with that team if they get runners up spot & make it to the semis of the CL.

    • Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellenbogen Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellenbogen Nov 5, 2011 13:03 Flag

      If you don't want MANCHESTER UNITED supporters to reply to a post on the MANCHESTER UNITED forum, fuck off, no-one wants either of you here, this should have been done on the Chelsea or Spurs forums.

    • Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellenbogen Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellenbogen Nov 5, 2011 09:32 Flag

      "Good luck. You may think you're going to win but you stand to lose a lot more than me."

      Did you read the small print?

      If she loses she pays you two quid a month from her dole money.

    • Ah, wasn't sure that was your email. £20 paid, please confirm.

      You write as if my making a bet means I am expecting to either win the league or the CL, or both. That's not a valid assumption. The valid assumption is that I think the odds that you have given are rather too generous. If you disagree go and look at the last fifty winners of the CL/European Cup and tell me how many were bigger underdogs than Chelsea are. If your answer is a genuine none then maybe your odds are right.

      Good luck. You may think you're going to win but you stand to lose a lot more than me.


    • 03 November 2011 19:54:52

      thanks, the £20 will come in handy lol.

      iv got to admire your optimism thinking that team & squad can finish above city & utd & also barca & madrid in the CL.

      3rd & 1 of the carling/fa cup would be a fair target for u this season.

    • As per my first post above, I'll initially put £10 on each. When you have emailed me, let me know on here what the time of your email was.


    • Okay, email me at rob j mac 99 at hotmail.com without the spaces and with suitable at replacement.


    • ok lets make the bet!
      i was only being nice by saying u could make & confirm the bet now but pay me at the end of the season what u owe.

      but if u would rather pay now with paypal then thats fine.

      remember its 100/1 for CL & the same for the league.

      so would u like to bet on 1 or both? how much would u like to bet.

      once u let me no, il send u private message with paypal details

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