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  • Steve Steve Sep 24, 2011 13:00 Flag

    Carling Cup 4th round - Aldershot away

    Good draw for giving the young lads a game again.

    Would be nice to see a few more debuts made, and Pogba to start this time.

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    • Can I suggest going up the thread a little to understand what is being discussed. It’s quite understandable that a Utd fan would want to see their club live as much as possible, but the question is, do the rest of us have to be subjected to that, and therefore not get the opportunity to watch our clubs as often, or what might be an interesting match from a neutrals standpoint.

      Since the league cup is the discussion point, for those who can understand not many want to see the United 3rd string play (even among your own fans I suspect), which do you think would be the most entertaining fixture from a neutrals stand point:

      Wolves v City
      Cardiff v Burnley
      Blackburn v Newcastle
      Stoke v Liverpool
      Aldershot v Man U
      Crystal Palace v Southampton
      Everton v Chelsea.

      Even if you can't see past what might me entertaining to the neutral, which do you think actually might have the largest domestic and or worldwide appeal. Yes Man U has a lot of fans, but not so many who want to watch your reserves play, and with competition from 4 all prem fixtures, I think anyone of them might give the Aldershot match a run for its money.

      Personally if I could not watch my own club, think the Everton v Chelsea looks like the tastiest. I've got no love for either team, so I'd most definitely be a neutral, but Everton usually give Chelsea a run for their money at Goodison, so think it would be an entertaining one, even if I did want both to loose.

    • You give the impression you haven't the faintest idea what you are talking about. All the Premiership games get recorded. All the games are shown on terrestial TV, either live, or in full after the event or in edited highlights. All the games can be sold to any country in full or edited, live or delayed.

      The question was whether we need to be watching all of United's games live. Your point that United games would generate lots of foreign revenue (whether true or not) is irrelevant. If the broadcasters want to sell the games abroad they can, whether or not they are being shown on terrestial TV live. There is no significant extra cost.


    • good grief what a sheltered life you must have lead to take that as abuse...even if true...one phrase for you "its business" and companies are in it to make a profit not waste money recording 2 recordings and only broadcasting the least attractive one to the majority ....

    • You might think before you throw the abuse. Of course the games will be sold to foreign broadcasters. The United games can be sold to every country in the world and make zillions for all I care. That doesn't mean they have to be shown live in this country in preference to other matches.


    • Another example of you lot remembering only what you want to remember.


    • no, the draw is fairly done & just random.

      i get more annoyed at them choosing utds matches for TV no matter who they are drawn against.

      i understand its because utd are the big global team & have way more fans in the uk then any other team.

      but i wish they would choose what looks the most entertaining & competitive matches.

      not utds 3rd team easily beating aldershot.

    • Does nobody else find it a bit suspicious how Manchester United always seem to get the easier route in cup competitions?