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  • Alan C Alan C Sep 25, 2011 18:48 Flag

    24 October

    and I thought you were grown up JIM, a league isn't won until its won in other words its mathematically impossible for anyone to overtake you ...any comment otherwise is just a waste of breath

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    • Even if utd were 6 points ahead by 24th October it would say nothing about the eventual destination of the title. With so many games left to play anything could happen between the end of October and May. Utd have thrown away bigger leads in the past. I also think that this could be one of the closest title races for years and expect the lead to change hands several times between now and the end of the season.

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      • Of course you are right Devon, anything can happen.
        I am making a prediction, based on the teams played up to that date and the ones to come well into the New Year, together with the incidence of head to head games between United's likely competitors over the same period. I may be entirely wrong, but if United are ahead by at least 3 points by that time its likely they will have had to beat both Liverpool at Anfield and City.
        No match can be taken for granted in the EPL but for some considerable time after that ( months) United could, maybe should build up a considerable points advantage.
        Its just a guess for fun if you like, but I think there is a little justification for it IF and its a big IF United win those 2 games before 24 October.