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  • Alan C Alan C Sep 27, 2011 22:52 Flag

    penalised for not diving

    Fabio through into the box and gets bundled off the ball .
    Commentator's comment if he had gone down the referee would have had a difficult decision. forgive me but isn't a foul a foul whether or not the player hits the ground rolling arounf in phoney pain, If fabio had gone down the self same commentator would have said that he had gone down easy ...this thread isn't about just fabio its about the number of times commentators advocating going to ground and then complain when players dive, ok the ref could have made the odd mistake but that basle penalty give me a break the guy was airborn before he got anywhere near valencias leg these ruling bodies want to wipe out diving then its time they di something about it

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    • the real problem is with officials - how many times have we seen players fouled in the penalty box but not get the decision because they stayed on their feet. And as for uefa`s use of extra officials none of them could spot 2 obvious penalties - one for each side - in the bayern-city game. They are a complete waste of space and I have yet to see a game where they justify their inclusion.

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      • I have no real arguement about what you have said Devon, but the point I was trying to make is that week in week out these the media harps on and on about diving ..but then when a player stays on his feet they all burst out with the comment "if he'd gone down the referee would have had something to think about" Is it a foul or isn't it if it is then the player should be applauded for trying to stay on his feet rather than the above comment, compounded with other comment like Fergie won'y be happy he stayed on his feet.
        I just wish the blatant media hypocrisy came to an end, maybe then there'd be a chance of stamping the diving out

      • The real problems are:
        (i) an ambiguous rule
        (ii) the difference between a penalty and no penalty is huge, like the difference between a red card and a yellow card
        (iii) ambiguous fast-moving situations on the pitch

        Referees haven't a chance of getting it right every time, even if we agreed on what "right" is, which we don't. Without changing the rules of football hugely the only answer is a video referee for penalty decisions. That would take the heat off the man on the ground and would produce much more consistency.

        It will happen eventually. Until then, prizes will be given to the teams who happened to get the decisions on some particular day.