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  • I`ve been one of his strongest supporters but even I`ve got to admit that he he was poor tonight - indeed he was probably the worse player on the pitch. His confidence seems shot to pieces and at the moment he seems incapable of doing much beyond playing sideways and backwards. Has yet to show that he can rise to the challenge posed by Cleverley and Pogba

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    • Actually Carrick had a 97% pass accuracy last night, completing 76/78 passes. 40/41 of those forward passes, 28/28 backward, 13/14 square. 28/28, 100% accuracy in the final 3rd. I don't think he did anywhere near enough defensively though so i'm not trying to praise him, Basel broke through the middle too easily, but I see no reason to single him out last night either.

      Giggs may have played a part in setting up the first two goals, but he was guilty of giving the ball away far too often. I thought Anderson looked very sluggish. He was slow moving around the pitch, and while Young got into space down the left well, his final delivery was poor.

      Fabio and Evra were both decent going forward, but both were caught out of position too often. I like Fabio, but the young lad appears to be made of glass. Jones was also guilty of being caught upfield too often in the second half, I also thought he was weak in the air last night. Ferdinand was caught on his heals and beaten for pace too often also. As a unit, the back four just didn't work together last night, and had a bit of a mare.

      The only positive i'd take from the game was Welbecks first half performance. Good movement, took his goals well, and showed again he has the ability to be a success here. He'd be first choice partner for Rooney for me.

      I'm still confident we'll qualify comfortably enough in the end, but we certainly know how to make things harder for ourselves.

    • Agree with you about Nani. I don't understand why he wasn't playing from the start.

    • I completely agree Deeprick, "If the ref says it's a penalty, it's a penalty" your quote Deeprick, and I expect to to agree with the ref tonight.

    • I agree on De Gea, he looks better every game.

      I was alluding to the fact De Gea can't speak much English, and as still just a kid, we can't rely on him to organise the defence, or even command his area in the way VDS would have.

      Another reason for extra protection from players like Carrick. Im not blaming him entirely as the whole defence was poor, but individually that was one of the worst games I've seen him play in, and his position was crucial to the overall set up.

      Owen would have been great at half time. Every now and then, and almost exclusively in Europe, Fergie's decison making is questionable to say the least!

      On a positive note, Nani's cross to Young was sensational. He put a few in the box like that. He's turning into more of an all-rounder this season, he even tracks back!

    • Stoke City 3 Arseandall 1 Deeprick. But this is much sweeter , Manchester United 8 Arseandall 2 . Remember that one Deeprick?

    • Actually De Gea played well, and can't , in my opinion, be faulted on the goals. Soft penalty was an understatement, it wasn't a penalty, and the ref was very badly positioned sometimes, interfering with play. True, things should have changed at half-time, and I would have brought on Owen.

    • Remember the last time Francenal played Stoke away??!

      I DO!!!



      CHAMP19NS 8
      4th Place Bottlers 2

    • I dont know how you can fault Welbeck for that, especially as he harassed the defenders all game, and even came deep to help out the poor Anderson and Carrick.

      Basle need to be given credit for the way they set up. First off, we played with one upfront until the last ten minutes, at home. That was an obvious mistake.

      We made no adjustments at half time, despite the warnings. They did. Proved fatal, credit where its due.

      Thirdly we are going to have to accept that that much youth/inexperience in defence is going to need protecting. Thats where Carrick comes in. Or should of done anyway.

      Fabio is a midfielder, Rafael is a better defender. Evra has been poor defensively for a couple years now. I'd say all the goals were partly down to our fullbacks poor defending (plus a daft ref giving a soft pen).

      Rio looked like he hasn't been playing much for a lengthy period, which is true. And they have a kid in goal behind them who speaks little English. If the midfield dont help out, then what happened will continue to happen!

      But you have to be blind to not see that Carrick was awful. To be fair, Berbatov made him look like the best passer in Europe!

    • The whole team is responsible. True, Giggs played well, as did Welbeck for a while. But collectively , you shouldn't let a 2 goal lead slip.

    • beginning to think that if berbatov isn't going to be used up front then he may be an improvement in midfield on carrick

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