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  • I would like to agree with most of you regarding MC.If you look at the team against Stoke you will see that there were certain traits in the team(as a whole),that were dominant last season.It is unbelievable how a whole team gets affected just by a change in one position.look at the beginning of this season how we started,and now how we are playing.What has changed in the games we drew? Carrick and Berbertov's inclusion. many people don't like Anderson and i don't quite understand why.He's been behind our attacks from mid field and it's true that his performance is not appreciated because most of the time it's like playing a one man mid field.i don't understand why SAF can't seem to pick this one up.Rio was another change that untill he starts to stop lazing around,we will very soon have a dejavu of what happened last season.I just hope not..

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    • Last night Anderson made some great runs, but then often, lost the ball , causing Basle to counter-attack. One time, he had the ball and rather than make a simple pass to his right, he chose the complicated option, and the chance was lost. He's a very good strong player.