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  • Alan C Alan C Oct 4, 2011 09:31 Flag

    if your not a manc we dont want you

    Tim going by tomrages definition theres a 3/4 chance you wouldn't be entitles to go, I wouldn't have been entitled to go when I lived opposite loretto or in whalley range which are similar distances to you now, in fact by his definition I should be going to the butchers arms (droylsden) or to Abbey hey, guess I'm lucky if they weren't there I might have to support the bitters.
    I actually have another conundrum to be solved I have a friend who was a goal keeper at Man utd in his youth but was involved in the coaching at Abbey Hey in his senior years can we told which club he has to attend

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    • Success breds glory hunters. Utd have been the most successful team so have the most glory hunters. It's simple.

      One can support who one likes, but there is nothing like supporting your local club. 393 from the Murder Mile to the Emirates that me. Just like my mate Mike who's wife goes spending money at the Trafford Centre every time he goes to Old Trafford.

      I also understand some peoples logic of needing to support the best team of the day, because it's best for their ego. So over the last 20 years most glory hunters are likely to be Utd, in the next 20 years there maybe more City supporters, and in the 70's and 80's they would have supported Liverpool.