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    if your not a manc we dont want you

    New to a football forum coming from Manchester I can't stand supporters who don't come from Manchester I liken it to supporting Germany in the world cupt

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    • WTH do you mean by that? Are you trying to say that people shoulod only support their local team and players, join thier local clubs?? Your logic is so flawed and obsolete.

      And FYI, clubs like United and Liverpool would'nt be any bigger than the likes of Aston Vila, Sunderland, Stoke City, or Blackburn if it wasn't for the millions of worldwide supporters both clubs each have. Likewise, Barcelona and Real Madrid wouldn't be bigger than the likes of Villarreal, Sevilla, and Espanyol if not for their millions of fans worldwide as well.

      You must be a City-supporting wind-up merchant in disguise. Enjoy your team's purple patch now..while it lasts.

    • All the united fans that don't come from Manchester have a new team to support

    • Feel free to support the blue team - the answer to all your problems

    • steven j, :- who the fu*k are you anyway, to say, who should be a fan off any club, and where that fan should come from. you are a small little man.

    • I'm from Manchester. I currently live about a mile and a half from the ground and walk to the match. However, as much as I'd prefer to hear a Manc accent from the guys who sit behind me to the Kent one they speak with, I'd trade somebody from anywhere in the world for a berk like you with a bee in his bonnet, an "I'm a better supporter than you simply because of my place of birth" attitude, and a terrible command of his own language. I went to a school in Manchester, I'm sure you could have got into one too if you'd tried. It would have done you a world of good.

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      • Tim going by tomrages definition theres a 3/4 chance you wouldn't be entitles to go, I wouldn't have been entitled to go when I lived opposite loretto or in whalley range which are similar distances to you now, in fact by his definition I should be going to the butchers arms (droylsden) or to Abbey hey, guess I'm lucky if they weren't there I might have to support the bitters.
        I actually have another conundrum to be solved I have a friend who was a goal keeper at Man utd in his youth but was involved in the coaching at Abbey Hey in his senior years can we told which club he has to attend

    • Yes Steve J, I've never understood why so many people decide to support a football club which is from an area that's nowhere near to them, which they have no local connection too?

      How can these people who never go to see the matches home & away have the cheek to go and class themselves as a 'true supporter' of that football club?

      Buying a replica shirt and watching the matches on the television (or in most of the cases on here, tuning into Yahoo webcasts) makes you little more than a fanboy and NOT a true supporter.

    • that comment begs the question ....does that give license to swap team to team as much as your fickleness allows?

    • I am at Old Trafford (in spirit) every matchday and have been for - 45 years. I remember best, Law and Charlton and Nobby's tackles. I remember John Fitzpatrick, Carlo Sartori, and Alan Gowling scoring 4 goals in a game. I lived through the really rotten years after Sir Matt... McGuinness and O'Farrell and Docherty when teams like Crystal Palace did Utd 5-0 (my darkest day). I don't need your approval. S_d off.

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      • I like you remember those greats and few more in between and though I have always supported United even when I was a\t home in the Hebrides which coincidentally there was no local team in any sort of league that counts, the nearest being Fort William on the mainland ande even they weren't in a league of any standing and still isn't, I still keep track of ICT and they are in spl but I have always been UTD a challenge with all those old firm fans around me but most of my life has been split between manchester and my home and I live within the city boundaries now, but I can't afford the admission at Old Trafford but I watch every match to the very last kick of the ball ...more than can be said for a large percentage of the part time supporter for whom the most important thing is to get to their cars before everyone else and leave 15 mins early ..the self same fan type we used to chant part time supporters to from the scoreboard and stretford paddocks.
        I expect some stick but as I said before in the long run it matterfs little what type of red fan you are as long as you are loyal, if you are not loyal well then thx for all your contributions, IF you leave then there plenty who would like their pld seats back

    • As a londoner I couldn't support a northern team it doesn't seem right to me

    • What exactly constitutes "coming from Manchester"?

      I was born and lived in Manchester for the first 25 years of life. Does this qualify me?
      Does somebody moving to Manchester a few months ago (or whatever) qualify?

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