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    A shoplifting's a shoplifting


    Doesn't matter if the offender(s) returned to the premises and paid for the goods afterwards.

    Fact is, De Gea left the supermarket WITHOUT paying, HENCE a criminal act has been committed.

    Take off the blinkers Man U fans and stop defending this low-life pilfer, shoplifting is stealing.

    Shoplifting is THEFT, a serious indictable offence in UK law, with a maximum prison sentence of 7 years.

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    • Oops. I think Slayer is right on this one...

      Can I just add to this debate, that many are claiming Fergie excused this by way of De Gea not being used to the culture. That comment was actually made a couple of weeks ago and is completely unrelated to this incident.

      Don't know why De Gea did this but it really is a trivial matter, hence why Tesco didn't charge him. Sure the stick he got in training will be enough, but sure Fergie will have a word too

    • Ian, I think psredpool has more than adequately answered your point, but let me just add a couple things.

      First off there are people on this board who will bait utd fans on almost anything, and donut-gate maybe no different. But there are others, like myself who wonder why some utd fans lurch so far in the other direction in trying to defend a person, an action, or anything if its connected with the club you support.

      De Gea was not convicted (and nor was Gerrard btw) and what he is alleged to have done is trivial imo. But there is a difference between someone found not guilty and someone not charged. One has been found either by a magistrate, or a jury to be not guilty, the other for many different reasons were jus t not charged, with only one of those reasons that they might e innocent, but also include the crime is so trivial its not worth the cost to proceed with charging.

      Personally I have no interest in seeing De Gea charged over a donut and so it seems do Tesco's. But one really telling fact is no-one, neither De Gea or anyone else is disputing the facts of the case (something Gerrard did, and Amanda Knox also btw).

      But bottom line I'm really not sure why you or others are really getting your knickers in a twist over this. Why your incapable of saying a Man U player made a mistake and move on is beyond me. All I've said is the lad needs an honest talking to by someone he respects, because I see his behavior as indicative of a entitlement culture that goes way beyond Man U, and is prevalent among other footballers, as well as many of the rich and celebrities of this world.

      But for some reason for some here, because a person wears a red devil on their chest they are above criticism.

    • Oh dear Ian

      So SG goes to court and the justice system finds him not guilty but you know best (as apparently so do I). At the same time you're happy to accept that De Gea is innocent? I wonder if it has anything to do with the football clubs the players play for.

      I believe you must be the ultimate ABU. Anyone but utd and they're wrong - anyone from utd and they are right.

      God knows the abuse I would get if I happened to disagree with you on de gea.

    • He beat up someone in a bar. You know that, steer knows that. He got away with it, but so did Amanda Knox get away with murder.

    • well for a start get your facts right you blinkered anti man utd fan, shoplifting actually means the deliberate taking of goods without the intention of paying for it, he did not he forgot to pay for it then went back and did. So stfu you retarded dips hit and stay off our boards c unt.

    • I really don't understand the locals on here defending De Gea. Yes he was not charged, and understandably so. Tesco's is not going to spend the time and the energy or expect CPS to do the same over a donut.

      But while this is far from the worse thing any footballer has done, and in terms of serious crimes it hardly warrants discussing, but when someone thinks they can help themselves and walk out the door there is a problem. Maybe not a serious one worth getting all wound up over, but trying to parse legalese like where the shop ends and the parking begins, is all a bit silly.

      And its not just you lot, Fergie I believe said it was a cultural difference (I was not aware the Spanish supermarkets allow ou to take what you want so long as you consume it before you leave the shop?).

      The lad imo needs to be sat down and have someone give him a good talking to. There is right and wrong, and stealing even if it is only a donut is wrong. Actually maybe Fergie is right, it is culture, but it has nothing to do with him being Spanish or not speaking much English, and all to do with the culture of entitlement, and all any of you are doing by defending him is encouraging that sense of entitlement.

    • This just confirms that footballers are not very bright. He's either stupid or arrogant...or both.

    • Theft may carry a 7 year prison sentence but most shoplifters get an on the spot fine of £80 or even just a warning. These days prison sentences are used only on the more serious cases of shoplifting involving organised gangs and repeat offenders.

    • Stephen? Oh, I thought you would have guessed that. As you've started calling Layla Jamie and acted as though we would all know it was Cockney rhyming slang for something nasty, I thought while you do that I'll call you Stephen. Stephen Hunt, obviously.

      Yes, I'm sure some lawyers would love to argue daft things in court. Judges however, despite their reputation, tend to be rather reasonable creatures on the whole and would give a "This loot what was in the boot of my car as I was waiting in the queue to get out of the car park was still technically at the premises of the alleged crime and so not nicked" defence the time of day it deserves.


    • funny that bit about shoplifting when many years ago I was preocuppied with something on my mind I forgot about a quilt on the bottom shelf of the trolley as a paid for the other goods walked the length of the arndale, realised returned and paid for the quilt should I have been charged for shoplifting ?
      as I also said said very very few of us have never broken the law be it speeding stealing a gobstopper when a kid done 33 miles an hour in a built up area ignored the 20 mph limit taken a pencil/rubber home from work put a false reciept in fo expences there mountains of misdemeanors reversed onto a road from a lesser right of way parked too close to a corner of a road made a false claim on yout income tax, paid cash in hand, or as that bloke jesus supposedly said let he without sin cast the first stone you are already mighty close to breaking the law dafaming his character without proof

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