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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Oct 6, 2011 17:32 Flag

    A shoplifting's a shoplifting

    I really don't understand the locals on here defending De Gea. Yes he was not charged, and understandably so. Tesco's is not going to spend the time and the energy or expect CPS to do the same over a donut.

    But while this is far from the worse thing any footballer has done, and in terms of serious crimes it hardly warrants discussing, but when someone thinks they can help themselves and walk out the door there is a problem. Maybe not a serious one worth getting all wound up over, but trying to parse legalese like where the shop ends and the parking begins, is all a bit silly.

    And its not just you lot, Fergie I believe said it was a cultural difference (I was not aware the Spanish supermarkets allow ou to take what you want so long as you consume it before you leave the shop?).

    The lad imo needs to be sat down and have someone give him a good talking to. There is right and wrong, and stealing even if it is only a donut is wrong. Actually maybe Fergie is right, it is culture, but it has nothing to do with him being Spanish or not speaking much English, and all to do with the culture of entitlement, and all any of you are doing by defending him is encouraging that sense of entitlement.

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    • Or Dave, he could have been telling the truth that he was off to fetch his wallet and return to pay for said doughnut. Who know, who really cares!
      Either way, i'm sure he had a good talking to from Fergie anyway.

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      • Maybe, but I usually find that someone who owns up to something before being discovered usually offers an explanation, while someone who owns up after being caught is usually looking for an excuse.

        Don’t' get me wrong, this is a storm in a teacup, and not worth much discussion. It’s a donut for Christ sakes. But look at this way it was Tesco's who called you about one of your kids being caught not paying for something in the shop how would you handle it? Would you pull out all the legal stops to try to get them off or would you want to have a sit down with your child to explain the rights and wrongs of life.

        Point being there is no need to call this criminal or get on high horses, but I'd hope there is someone close to the lad, Fergie, an advisor, a family member or someone, that has that conversation with him. But if we are all only going to make excuses for him, I doubt that will happen, or at least the message won't get through.

    • " I really don't understand the locals on here defending De Gea." Yeah steer. I don't understand people defending Gerrard after his GBH , do you ? It was a fucking doughnut . But I guess you've never , ever done something 'wrong' .