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  • psredpool, the press would come up with excuses for Englands failure either way. Get to the quarters, play Rooney and lose, press would say should have stuck with the same team, keep Rooney on the bench and lose, press would say we should have played him.

    Personally, I think we'd be mad not to take him, but as I said earlier, he shouldn't just walk back into the team after the group stage. If there are other players who step up and do a good job in the group, they will deserve to keep their places in the latter stages.

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    • I think that's pretty much spot on Steve.

      A part of the problem for England's performance at finals over the years in the expectation placed on them. We're a good international side but not the best. Pretty much where we've always been.

    • a llot of these abus who waste so much time slagging off Rooney, should be careful what they wish for because if you wish hard enough for someones ill fortune he gets it but always with a twist where it hurts you also. THAT'S FATE
      the ban for wayne could be so good for England whenever he's bench he comes back with far more enthusiasm for the game which could well inject energy into a potentially tiring side