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  • Been given a 3 match ban. Is it worth even taking him? There's a decent chance they could be out by the time he's available!

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    • I think they'll take him because England should qualify for the 1/4's, though if England perform better without him in the intervening matches then, yes, leave him out. ooney hardly sparkles for England - but then who does?

      Big chance for Welbeck ...

    • Yes, he's still Englands best player.
      I agree with Eric also though. If England perform well without him, and there are players doing the job, then he shouldn't just walk back into the team for the quarters, should England get that far.

    • Hi Stash

      For me England have to take him. He's one of our best players and it would be mad not to include him in a squad that big.

      I guess the more interesting question is what does Fabio do if England manage to qualify from the group and play well. For me you stick with an unchanged team and put Rooney on the bench but you could see the stick the manager would get if they went out in that scenario!

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      • psredpool, the press would come up with excuses for Englands failure either way. Get to the quarters, play Rooney and lose, press would say should have stuck with the same team, keep Rooney on the bench and lose, press would say we should have played him.

        Personally, I think we'd be mad not to take him, but as I said earlier, he shouldn't just walk back into the team after the group stage. If there are other players who step up and do a good job in the group, they will deserve to keep their places in the latter stages.

    • Nice to see yer home fans booing yer!

      Doesn't he make you proud!!!

    • Where did I intimate I didn't care and its all or nothing for me? I didn't. All I said is I don't think we're good enough to win it with or without Rooney, which you agreed with. It doesn't mean I won't be supporting us all the way regardless

    • the injury had nothing to do with him mis controlling the ball & making bad passes all the time.
      if it was mainly down to his injury then it is even more of a joke that he played when not match fit.

      "Ultimately it won't make a difference either way, because England as a whole aren't good enough to win the euro's."

      i guess thats where we are completely different steve!

      1st of all, i do agree we no have chance of winning it for countless reasons!
      but that doesnt mean we can't achieve something to be proud of. all u can ask is the team to give it their all.
      at the last WC i don't believe the players gave it their all. we should have still got to the QFs & performed better in every game.

      par performance for the euros is QF.

      but if the team do their best & give it their all & we manage to make the semis, then i will be very proud of this achievement.

      i guess maybe its because u support utd that its a all or nothing scenerio for u. but as a spurs supporter i know we can't win the league which is why top 4 is a huge achievement for us.
      & personally i thought we over achieved by reaching the QF in our 1st CL adventure!
      as long as i know the team did the best they could & gave it their all then il be proud of them.

      i honestly think england should be reaching the QF & if we play our best we can squeeze through the semi's. but we could very easily end up finishing bottom of our group if we play like we have been.

      heres my team which will probably change with injuries & different performances over the course of the season.

      walker jones cahill cole
      cleverley wilshire
      sturridge young

      i would go for youth apart from cole & parker as i can't think of a good young LB (gibbs doesnt seem to be progressing & is injury prone) or DM so il stick with parker to do the donkey work.

      sorry terry, rio, gerrard & lampard etc u have had enough chances to rise to the big occasion.
      sorry barry but u arent good enough at this level & far too immobile & slow for a DM!

    • He wasn't fully fit at the last World Cup, so I wouldn't put as much emphasis on his performance level there as you have.
      He still gets selected because he's still the best option we've got in attack, even playing below par.
      Who would you take in the squad instead of him? 4 players in the squad at the last WC didn't play a single minute, there is definately a place for him over another average striker that will never get on the pitch.
      He shouldn't walk straight back into the team for the quarter finals, but he's still a potentially great weapon to have in reserve.
      Ultimately it won't make a difference either way, because England as a whole aren't good enough to win the euro's