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  • The Alcoholic Brown Family The Alcoholic Brown Family Oct 15, 2011 14:44 Flag


    Two points THROWN away!

    Why the fuck did he leave Giggs on, who was having a shocker, and take Young off?

    Giggs was totally to blame for the goal, why the fuck are you in the wall if you're going to move out of the way when the ball comes, it ricocheted off him into the goal.

    Altogether another pathetic 4-5-1 then desperate substitutions to try and get us back into the game.

    This is down to SAF, another poor selection, giving too much respect to a team we should have walked over.

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    • A team utd dhould walk over! You mean like last season when an a 4-4-2 system gave liverpool too much space to work in. And 2 of teh substitutions were planned before liverpool`s goal. Finally if any player should have come off it was Evra despite teh fact that defensively he was playing much better than he has for some time. His attitude throughout the game was poor - for starters I dislike players who try to get other players booked and he could easily have picked up a yellow for unsporting behaviour. Then there were his theatrics by the corner flag and finally his booking for persistent moaning. Having said that owning should have been booked for one of the most blatant dives I`ve seen this season. We all point the finger when its a foreign player but Downing and Adam showed that English and Scottish players aren`t above doing the same.