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    Benfica, Basel and Liverpool, we started them all playing 4-5-1, and dropped six points out of nine.

    We just don't play like that, it's not the United way, let them handle us, why are we trying to handle them?

    Watching Welbeck up front on his own against the dippers was painful.

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    • Mabey if Fergie had confidence in our defenders,we could play 4-4-2...

      .As we have to pack the midfield say's a lot..we are going back to our old negitave scared ways.

      s*itty looking good...just blowing everyone away. They look solid/clinical unlike us.

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      • 'They look solid/clinical unlike us.'

        And yet we p*ssed all over Citeh!

        We gang-banged Francenal, took apart Chelski, we need to get a more settled team and ensure they are organised to cope defensively. Our performances haven't really surprised me considering we haven't had a regular back four, or even midfield for weeks.

        I think Fergie has seen us concede soft goals to inferior teams like the above mentioned (especially the Citeh game), and has decided to hold us back a bit from the entertaining gung-ho approach we started the season with.

        Rafael returning will be a massive plus, because only Smalling has done well at RB, but he doesn't offer what Rafael does going forward. I'd like to see Fryers get more opportunities, because I think defensively Evra is a problem and dont think Fabio is the answer. In fact I'd like to see Evans on the left, he's done well there before and his lack of positional sense at CB is a worry against top strikers.

        That was a defensive team Fergie played, against mediocre opposition that our best line up should have beaten easily, even on an occasion like that. He was going for what he always does away with that formation, nicking a 1-0 win.

        Fletcher was completely anonymous, Park and Jones struggled with their man marking jobs. Giggs was a f*cking disgrace (why wasn't he subbed?!) leaving Welbeck upfront all alone with next to no support - which I thought he did very well considering. Young has tapered off a bit in recent weeks, but I dont think Evra or us going more defensive has helped him there.

        I'd rather see us throw the kitchen sink at everyone week-in week-out and develop accordingly than that shower I saw yesterday. Its football, its supposed to be entertainment, thats what Sir Matt used to remind the players before games. People work hard in sh*tty jobs for pittance....he never would have told them to go to Anfield and settle for a point playing drab football!?

        On a side note, De Gea is looking more exceptional every week, MOTM for me by far.

        That Suarez reminds me a bit of Klinsman in the way he dives in that ridiculous manner. Can't stand the cheating buck toothed c*nt.

    • You didnt drop points at anfield, you fluked one.
      Fergie was smart enough to pick an antifootball team which did enough to just hold on for a draw, He knew that if he had fielded the likes of nani and rooney you would have got overrun in midfield, and potato face probably would have gotten sent off

    • Beat Sunderland easily Deeprick ? Lucky to escape with a win. A one man team is Francenal.

    • I said before the match how much I hate seeing us line up 4-5-1, and it was another match to forget for that line up. It very rarely ever works, and once again we had to change it to grab a point.

      It was a strange team selection all round, especially leaving Rooney on the bench. I guess Fergie was planning to try and keep it level for an hour and nick it at the end, keeping some of our better players fresh on the bench. Had Giggs done his job properly in the wall, you never know it may well have worked. I don't like to see us try and play that way though. Tonights game may have had some influence in it with the fact we cocked up the Basel game. Tonight is a must win game, and with City to follow, trying to keep a few of the top players fresh probably factored into it.

      It was a disappointing performance to watch, but I would have said beforehand I would be relatively satisfied to walk away from Anfield with a point, so its not the end of the world not to win. I do feel if we'd played to our strengths we could have beaten them, but we'll never know now.