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    OK , the tabloid sensationalism of the yellow reporters aside..........

    Evra is still a cowardly punk.........

    Boo-hoo that bad man called me a nasty name. ( if it's true , which is debatable ).

    Have a cry , woman.

    You lot are welcome to this pratt. We wouldn't have him. Gutless punk. Run crying to your mum.

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    • I reckon he said the n word.

    • Robert you’re correct in saying just because Evra decided to go to the press first does not mean the accusation is made up. However as we have no real facts to go on, and you are basing your opinion on character and or other factors, the fact he decided to complain after the fact to someone who can only amplify what he said but not really resolve the issue would at least be as strong a piece of evidence of judging someone’s character as deliberately handling the ball to prevent a goal and alone ones national side to progress one more round.

      As for the diving accusation, I think that it is a low shot, but as you said it could be leveled at almost every player in the league, but for some reason seems to stick to foreign players more than others. But maybe it’s just me, but I think the leap (excuse the pun) from going down easy to calling someone racist names, repeatedly, is a rather large one. Evra did not label him a bad sport (something of course Evra would never do, such as brandishing an invisible card to try to get an opposition player booked!), or even say he broke the laws of the game to gain an advantage, he in fact impugned his reputation and labeled him a racist.

      If what Evra claims is true it’s a very serious charge. However by the same token you don't shout fire in a crowded theatre unless you know there is in fact a fire.

    • "Did you look away from the TV set when he ran up to Mariner in the first half brandishing an invisible card after a challenge with Downing?"

      You mean after Downings dive? Deserving of a booking, however I do detest the waving of imaginary cards by players. Its the refs job to decide whether a player deserves a caution, not anyone elses.

      As to the racism allegations, i'm expecting to see this end without any conclusive proof either way. Only the two players themselves will probably ever know if anything was said and what exactly that was.

    • Fair enough Robert, when looking at it from all sides with hopefully an objective mindset can see how some may think Suarez more likely the guilty party as Evra may have more to lose.

      However not sure your full argument holds up to scrutiny. Suarez has had his issues in the past, but I believe they've all be on the pitch not off it, so lets be careful when we paint a player with a reputation that we're accurate. Also I think he's been fairly honest in his transgressions. He freely admits the handball in the world cup and said he'd do it again. He also owned up to the biting incident in Holland, so he does not seem to be a sneaky sort when misbehaving.

      I do buy into the argument that most players will drown out words from opponents to ensure they don't get wound up. However it seems clear that Evra was wound up, so why not say something to the ref. It did seem he complained plenty about something to the ref, just not the "N" bomb. That seems curious to me.

      But lastly while only the two players know for sure, it just seems strange if you don't want to make a big deal about it, why go to the press. Seems to me people go to the press either when the normal channels won't listen (seems he never tried) or often the press are quite willing to print your side of the story without much or any proof, while the proper authorities normally like make judgments based on facts before making official statements.

      As for Suarez needing to be livid if he has been falsely accused, for all I know he is. But it seems the response has been measured as he has let the club deal with this for him, rather than going straight to the press himself, which seems to me the correct response.

    • "But I might point out the order of these events we still don't know" but that won't stop you going on

      and on

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    • Seems that Uruguayans are just as, if not slightly more racist than the Spanish:-

      2009 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices - Uruguay
      National/Racial/Ethnic Minorities

      The country's Afro-Uruguayan minority continued to face societal discrimination. A National Bureau of Statistics study stated that Afro-Uruguayans comprised 9 percent of the population and indigenous descendents constituted another 3 percent. A July study concluded that 43 percent of Afro-Uruguayans were poor, with 5 percent living in extreme poverty. The study concluded that race is one of the factors responsible for socioeconomic inequality in the country. The NGO Mundo Afro stated that the percentage of Afro-Uruguayans working as unskilled laborers was much larger than for members of other groups in society, despite equivalent levels of education. Afro-Uruguayans were underrepresented throughout government and academia and in the middle and upper echelons of private-sector firms.

      He also spent five years in the Dutch league, where deep seated racism has been an issue for many years.

      Did he racially abuse Evra? I'm going to guess that it will never be known publicly what Suarez is accused of saying, or if it's true.

    • Of course if you don't appreciate my posts you could always just ignore them. To be honest in this case since you yourself don't seem to be adding much to the discussion I'm not really pay much attention to your own posts.

    • As I thought - definitely a Viz character.

    • You're right Dev.

      By way of an update, I've just seen this on Early Doors from Yahoo ...

      "The odds appear stacked against the France international, however. He did not mention the alleged abuse to Marriner during the game, the referee did not hear anything himself, and broadcasters searching through footage of the match could also not find anything to verify the claims."

      If correct (I've no idea if it is) then it seems that he didn't report it to the ref during the game which seems odd to me (I mean, why wait until after the game to mention it).

      What do you think?

    • " I think the leap (excuse the pun) from going down easy to calling someone racist names, repeatedly, is a rather large one."

      I was simply responding to your suggestion that Suarez is an honest bad boy, that in your view he admits to all his crimes. I was pointing to what looks like to me evidence otherwise.

      And I don't think you can write it off as everyone does it but only the foreigners get picked on. I don't call everyone in your team divers. I don't call Kuyt a diver, or Carroll, or Bellamy. Others might, for all I know. But I have often criticised Gerrard for diving. (And you have singled out one player in my team who you think is more likely to do it than others.) Suarez looks to me as, um, prone as any in your team to go down easily and demand the ref's sympathy. So no, if I ranked your team from trustworthy to untrustworthy, Suarez wouldn't be at the golden boys end.

      "However by the same token you don't shout fire in a crowded theatre unless you know there is in fact a fire."

      Yes. And so if you hear someone overcoming the taboo and shouting fire and insisting there is one, you might very well believe them.


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