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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 16, 2011 19:08 Flag

    OK , the tabloid sensationalism of the yellow reporters aside..........

    if football is serious about stamping out racism then the authorities need to take serious action against any player found guilty of using such comments about an opponents - and that applies as much to a black player making offenisve comments based on a white player`s colour as it does to a white player being racist towards a black one. The problem is that often such offences take place away from the ears of the officials - and ofen other players - so unless it can be clearly lip read on tv footage is nigh near impossible to prove.

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    • I agree with Ian. As Suarez is a Spanish speaker, then the n word would be the most likely insult, if any. I reckon he did - Suarez is a nasty piece of work.
      Anyway, he'll get away with it just like Busquets did when he insulted Marcelo in the RM-B game last season. And that was caught clearly on camera.

    • I agree with you Dev but until it can be proved we shouldn't rush to judge or condemn him.

      Surely with all of the tv cameras on the game throughout the world, if he said something along the lines that, for example, Ian is saying then surely it must have been picked up. Given that Evra has made the allegation then I'm sure TV execs are replaying feed to get that particular scoop.

      If it comes out that he did say it (as it surely must if he used the same slur eleven times in a televised match) then throw the book at him. If no evidence if forthcoming then maybe we should start to look at Evra himself?