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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Oct 17, 2011 18:58 Flag

    OK , the tabloid sensationalism of the yellow reporters aside..........

    Actually Ian, potentially yes I might call him a liar if there is no evidence. However why is that so different from the many united fans on here who all assume Suarez must have said the "N" word. As he's denied it you are calling Suarez a liar, no?

    Bottom line is until there is proof either way it is he said she said. If there is proof one way or the other, then I'd say the "liar” should be punished. If not, there is no way to know who is being less than truthful.

    But since there is at least some belief that Suarez is the guilty party, I'd be curious as to why. Just not liking him because he's a Liverpool player seems to me to not be a worthy argument, but if there is other circumstances please share.

    I don't know if Evra is lying or not, so I'm not going to call him one. However the potential that he did make it up are there. My reasons to potentially doubt him is not because he's a United player but because of the following questions:

    Why would Evra complain about other issues with the ref to the point the ref decided to caution him for dissent but not mention the racial abuse? Why would he not mention it to the 4th official after the match if he felt the match ref was not going to give him a fair hearing? Why not talk to his club officials (or Liverpool staff) and ask them to take action? Why not make an official complaint to the FA? Why go to a French, and I assume perceived friendly, journalist? And why say you don't want to make a big deal with it while talking to someone he knew very well is in the business of making the biggest out of any scoop that comes his way?