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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Oct 21, 2011 20:20 Flag

    Eric Harrison on Cleverley....

    Thought you'd appreciate it Stefan. :)

    I dont think its too much of a stretch now to say that Cleverley is potentially our most important central midfielder, for the reasons Harrison stated.

    The pairing of him and Ando has looked impressive, but if Anderson can't perform with the others, that doesn't bode well for us considering we're going to need to rotate throughout the season, and essentially would mean that when Cleverley was injured, we'd be two central midfielders down!

    I think Fletcher at his best is a very good player, again, just needs the right partner. I think him or Carrick alongside Cleverley would be the best option if the defense needed extra protection.

    Perhaps too early to say he reminds me slightly of Robson, but he's certainly a player we've missed for the past few years. Just need to bring Pogba on asap to get this area up to the standard it should be at United. We look strong everywhere else, not perfect, but in comparison to our rivals, only Citeh comes close.

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    • I see Anderson and Cleverley as mirror images - just right and left footed versions. I'd be interested to see Cleverley playing alongside Carrick and Fletcher - I have a feeling that he may play in a similarly disappointing way to the way Anderson does with them due to the lack of angles. In short, they need eachother, and we need at least one more midfielder like them - PASS AND MOVE!