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  • He had a chance to tackle, missed it and the had a rush of blood to the head. With 11 men on the pitch utd were in with a chance, down to 10 against a team like city who can not only defend well but have players who are good on the ball utd didn`t have a cat in hells chance. Mind you having said that if they utd got a goal from the short period of pressure they had after the sending off it might have been different as the players wouldn`t have had to go in search of a goal and could have packed the defence. Also gotta say that Nani didn`t have a good game and the ref - who generally did had a good game - allowed the city players to kick Young out of the game. Nornally a player who does what Richards did in the first 20 minutes - that is repeatedly foul a player - picks up a yellow card.

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