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  • jim w jim w Oct 23, 2011 15:29 Flag

    well played City

    Pretty much superior in every aspect of the game.
    Its not surprising when the likes of Silva cause problems, but when you get outplayed by the likes of Milner and Barry you know youv'e got problems.
    Evans getting sent off didn't help but i don't think it would have made any difference to the result, City were just much better.

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    • Well what a day to forget yesterday was, I never imagined I would witness that at OT yesterday!

      I'm not going to panic though. I think the score was blown out of proportion, although it did highlight a few problems we have in the team at the moment.

      I thought we were the better team at half time, but we didn't create enough with the possession we had. I was disappointed with both Nani and Young at that point. Neither really got past the fullbacks and end product was poor, especially Nani. It was a match we needed to see the best of Nani, and we saw the inconsistent one unfortunately.

      Evans was also having a good game, but then, as is his problem, he switched off and allowed himself to get caught out, and bang, there goes the game. That killed our chances. City certainly used there extra man to perfection when we pushed everyone forward trying to get an equaliser. We were incredibly naive and unorganised at the back at the end leaving 3 against 2 too often. We were right to keep pushing after Fletch scored (at least we had a cracker from Fletch to cheer!), but when we got hit on the counter for the 4th, we should have just seen it out there. I share Fergies disappointment with Evra and Ferdinand for that.

      The biggest issue at the back was Evra. I swear he looks at the team sheet these days and thinks he's playing on the left wing. The defensive side of his game has deteriorated increasingly over the past 18 months. We need someone to start challenging him for his place in the team. I'd like to see more of Fryers, and I wish Fabio could keep himself fit.

      Anderson needs Cleverley back alongside him asap. I doesn't excuse his shit passing at times, but a player like Cleverley clearly brings the best out of him, which we need to have any creativity coming through the middle. The sooner Pogba starts getting game time the better. I'd also throw Petrucci's name into the hat too. I'd like to see Pogba and Petrucci in the middle on Tuesday night.

      At the end of the day, yesterday hurts a lot, but in the context of a league season, its one loss. I'd be far more distraught if it had happened in a cup competition. 5 points is nothing to make up at this stage, but we need a big response from the team now.

    • 'Prune'

    • Fergie's really lost the plot. Even Le Prine is being a better tactician than him now. United could do well to get shot of him, as well as players like Carrick and Evra.

    • I worry Fergie is going to f*ck things up with Pogba too, just like he did with Rossi. We've got potential greatness on our hands, and we're p*ssing about with him. He should be thrown in the deep end. I wont blame him if he joins PSG at this rate.

    • Haha, you must have dementia in your old age!

      Thats not an insult, I just think you're too intelligent to be so stupid as to not be aware of the irony in your consistently (and laughably) hypocritical posts. The old Jim certainly wasn't so angry.

      YOU look for a confrontation, then get angry when I bite back, making you look an old fool in the process (not difficult I might add).

      Go and play with someone who agrees with everything you say old man. They are the only people you seem tolerate these days.

      Strange that!?

    • I was really impressed by Armero in the Copa America, and then saw him really take it to Arsenal too. I think he'd fit right into the EPL. Given that Young is right footed, we really need someone who will provide that natural width on a regular basis. Cissokho should be the perfect left back, but he took a sideways transfer to Lyon and has stagnated a little - doesn't play badly, just doesn't really stand out as much these days. But he has all the attributes to be truly world class. I'm glad that Gibshite, the player who apparently 'keeps things ticking over', is nowhere near the squad anymore. He is a Championship player. Fletcher remains useful and is a very good utility player but he is not good enough to be 1st choice at a club of this stature.

    • Ah the usual response, personal insults, you are pathetic.

    • Dont know enough of Armero, I'll keep an eye out First time I saw Cissokho for Porto I wanted him at United. The worry is Liverpool get him.

      I think Fergie has actually got a tad sentimental in his old age, he's overly fond of Evra like his other pets Fletcher, Evans and Gibson. They're more relied on than they should be.

      As we've seen with another angry old codger on these boards, senility comes to all of us eventually! ;)

    • You'd be surprised what I know about you actually Jim! ;)

      Sooner they put your wrinkly butt into a retirement home with no internet access, the better for all of us!

      Off you go senile, angry old man.

    • I doubt you do. But I did notice that one minute you were criticising posters for posting their ( understandable) concerns , and the next you were offering the same sort of comments about Nani and Evra. Of course , I do know you, so it was no suprise.

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