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  • Utd`s defence actually coped very well in the 1st half - it wasn`t like city peppered utd`s goal and when they did score it was against the run of play and due as much to some sloppy play by Evans and Evra as it was to city`s good use of the ball. As for Sneijder wether he would have made a difference is just pure conjecture, however what is clear is that utd have missed Cleverley in midfield and Vidic in defence.

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    • You're sure that United missed Cleverley, so it means you agree that we've got NOTHING-else in midfield when he's out of action. I suppose you'd agree we could use Sneijder today, then? Guess what, the man is quality, and doesn't come cheap. Fergie believes too much in Ando and Carrick. These are not United quality, they would not make it in f**** LIVERPOOL, and this does tell you a lot!

    • Sneijder would have made fuck all difference. However, we do need midfielders of proper quality. Anderson's lack of sharpness and weight really piss me off. Fletcher was also shocking today (bar the goal). Didn't help that the wide players were also awful. Why didn't Nani come off his line?! He played like one of those obsolete pure wingers today and was shit.

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      • Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellenbogen Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellenbogen Oct 23, 2011 16:04 Flag

        "Sneijder would have made fuck all difference."

        Talking out of your arse as usual mein Fuhrer, you then go on to say, "However, we do need midfielders of proper quality.", so are you saying we needed midfielders of proper quality today?

        You open your mouth just for the sake of it when you've hardly ever got anything worthwhile to say, know-it-all!

      • "We do need midfielders of proper quality", you say. But at the same time, you CLAIM that Sneijder would have made no difference? Really. On the other hand, I said, we COULD use Sneijder's class today. Our midfielder has no quality, end of. The pathetic performance against Liverpool should have been a warning.