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  • colin colin Oct 26, 2011 20:52 Flag

    THE result of the century !

    SL4YER...Yeah agree with all u said there. Lokk fw to some good banter with u. The rivalry between our two clubs is something we should all respect...we are all Lancastrians , at least we all were before the borders were messed around with by Thatcher...so we should be aware how our region has so dominated English football all these years, its something we should respect.
    Being honest Ive always liked the exciting brand of open attacking football Utd have always played. I recall so many games I saw when u had Bestie Bobby AND the incomparable DENIS LAW up front. With Kenny at the helm I believe we are finally starting to entertain again as he gets us back to our true STYLE of PASS AND MOVE. When we had Benitez and Houllier before him in charge most of the football we played was under Houllier simple counter attack philosophy and under the yoke of Benitez it was dull as dishwater boring :hold-position: stuff always two holding midfielders .... Im encouraged this season to think we are a top four side.
    After both SAF and Kenny tried to keep a calm atmosphere for our clash the other week it was disappointing to say the least to have Evra stir up another controversy.THJ game itself was played in a good spirit for the most part and I thought with both sides maintaining fiirst one then the other short spells of pressure upon each other it was an entertaining match too for the neutrals...your keeper was in fine form !