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    Thoughts about 'that' match

    I think City's performance was very similar to United's against Arsenal many times over the last few years at the Emirates. Let the opposition have as much of the ball as it wants up to the last third and then break with serious intent and be ruthless in execution. It has usually worked, with Arsenal fans bleating about how much ball they had until United went 2 goals up etc, but they usually ended in disarray.
    Same thing happened in reverse on Sunday. Remember Evans got sent off because 'B' was about to put City 2-0 up with 11 versus 11. They started on the front foot in 2nd half and looked like increasing the lead.
    City have some fine players like Silva, and 'B' was dangerous. but their other 'foreign names' were pretty quiet until very late on. The real difference on Sunday was made by much more prosaic players. Richards, Clichy, Barry and Milner won their individual battles against their opposite numbers. When you get outplayed by Barry and Milner you know you have problems, and this is what happened.
    I think, hope, pray that United will get a new left back in January ( at least 12 months too late). I doubt whether they will be able to purchase a good enough central midfielder at that time. I think Pogba will get his chance earlier than planned. I hope Morrison can persuade Fergie he is 'right enough in the head' to get an early chance. I think Lindegaard will get a run of games. Other than that I don't think there are a lot of alternatives other than hard work and application. I expect Evra and Anderson to play little or no part going forward, and Rio's position is dodgy.
    After the Everton game United have a a lengthy run of what should be 'easier games'. And City run into a potential minefield of games in 3 weeks time. As usual its only when 1 Jan is past that we will see how things are really looking.

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    • 'I think City's performance was very similar to United's against Arsenal many times over the last few years at the Emirates'

      Are you implying that City had payed off the referee perchance?

    • Disagree on 'rotating' De Gea out of the team to give Lindegaard a run. There was little he could do about the goals, and I don't think VDS would have made any real difference. De Gea has been getting better with every game, excellent at Anfield the weekend before. Lindegaard is a decent keeper also thought, but his distribution isn't anywhere as good as De Gea's. He just hoofs it up field too much for my liking.

      Instability at the back is out biggest problem at the moment. We need more luck with injuries so we can try and get a settled back 4 playing regularly.

      The weak link is Evra. He needs reminding he's a left back not a left winger! He should be dropped, but for who is the problem. I still like Fabio, but the lad can barely make it through more than an hour of a match lately. I'm hoping he toughens up as he ages. I like Fryers, but he needs a few more cup run outs to assess him before throwing him into league matches.

      Evans. I wish he could sort out his concentration level! He can be a great defender, and I thought he had a decent first half, but he is prone to switching off and then getting himself in a spot of bother. He'd had a good start to the season, but he killed the game for us on Sunday.

      Ferdinand is still an intelligent player, but Jones/Smalling should be edging him out as first team regular. He had an excellent game at Anfield, but like the rest of the back 4, was poor on Sunday.

      I'm hoping a fit Vidic will help sure things up. We need someone back there to organise things.

      Central midfield is still our achilles heel. As half agree with Stefan on Anderson. I'm not giving up on him yet, but him not having a player like Cleverley next to him is no excuse for his often shit passing.

      Fergie should throw caution to the wind and get Pogba involved straight away. He decided not to tie up a deal for a new midfielder. Its clear at present that the current crop are still found lacking, so give Pogba his chance.

      Same goes for Morrison. This lads got a special talent and could be the spark we need putting back in the team if given the opportunity.

    • 1) Agree with the Arsenal analogy, though City's football at its fluent best is 'Arsenal' better than the real Arsenal can manage.

      2) Which left back would you like to see here?

      3) 'B' has the ability to be as good as Henry was in his pomp - this is not a snap judgement, it's something I've thought since his debut season for Inter. Shame for football that he's mental.

      4) You single out Anderson in midfield - yes he was awful defensively in the 2nd half, but Fletcher was no better. In fact, Fletcher was worse in the 1st half, slowing down our attacks to a snail pace - he seemed to be suffering from Mikel syndrome. The problem I have with Anderson is his evidently poor attitude to football, most vividly represented by his huge waistline. There is no excuse for it, and his general sluggishness. Seeing highlights of his 1st season at the club make me sad at what could have been.

      5) De Gea was largely blameless - I think Lindegaard probably has some mistakes in him as well, like all goalkeepers.

      6) Pogba should play tonight, and hopefully be integrated soon into the EPL squads. We could even see Morrison tonight.

      7) Fergie really should have purchased a central midfielder in the summer.

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      • Stefan
        Yes City are better than Arsenal were/are.
        I think United were interested in the C.American playing for Celtic but he got injured. Now seem to fancy a young Spaniard. Personally I thought the guy Liverpool bought from Newcastle was ideal.
        Still not over-impressed by 'B', perhaps I'm biased.
        Fletcher wasn't very good but he isn't 'sloppy'. Anderson is incredibly sloppy. You just cant trust him. Past his sell by date I fear.
        De Gea was not particularly to blame. But I watched Chelsea at 9 men admittedly against QPR. Cech saved them going 2 down on numerous occasions faced with similar shots/crosses. DG just wasn't a 'saviour'. I doubt it would have 4 nevermind 6 if VDS had been in goal. Lindegaard deserves a chance.
        Fergie seems almost intimidated about purchasing a CM. The Veron experience weighs heavily I think. What is certain, Rooney is not up to that job ( and I admit to thinking he might be). Personally I have had my fill of S. Americans. Lets get a good northern European, someone who is consistent. There must be a good German out there!

      • All 3 make excellent points.

        Bum-licking over...!

    • Do you not think some of the tactics were wrong in the 2nd half? Instead of shoring up the defence United went gung ho, especially after getting their goal and just left the back two totally exposed.

      I know people like to have a go at Carrick but he would have made a difference in protecting the defence.

      And as with Barry & Milner, you know things are bad when Clichy gets the better of you. Should have put Valencia on to see what that would have done. Could only have been better than Nani.

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      • "Instead of shoring up the defence United went gung ho"

        Everyone from Fergie downwards always tells us that United's way is to attack, to try to win every game. If that's the case, then at 3-1 down they *should* have been attacking, shouldn't they? Isn't it better to try to get a draw than to worry about shipping another goal or two? After all, in the unlikely event of pulling level you're four league points closer to City, and two more above Chelsea. What's the risk of another goal or two difference compared to that?

        I think the problem wasn't the decision to attack, but that the defence was shambolic.

        But, as Mancini says, it's only one game. It's embarrassing for you, but no more than that.


      • Eric, you know when virtually the entire team is playing poorly, its not so much about individuals, but more about tactics. Especially as Citeh only had two stand out players up until the sending off.

        This is one of those instances where the manager should take most of the blame. He made countless tactical errors 2nd half.