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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Oct 30, 2011 10:21 Flag


    The MIGHTY Arsenal put on the BEST DISPLAY of attacking football yet seen by ANY team this season.

    What with your sorry lot LOSING to the blue half of Manchester and Arsenal THUMPING the blue half of the finest city in the land i bet you glory supporting tarts are hiding under the table,quivering WRECKS at the mere thought of what the future holds for the club who have managed to stay at the top up until now SOLELEY because they have had more spending powre than most.

    Licking your lips at Van Persie????

    Now that's what you call a striker!!!

    Where's Wayne these days???


    Much love

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    • Great retorts from both you and Ian as per usual Rikky!

      What chance does one stand in a linguistic battle against the likes of you i ask? You two clearly missed your calling. You should have been politicians!

    • No offense FAB, but are you happy with your defensive display? I got to put my hand up and say RVP is the hot striker at the moment, and imo is way more than a flash in the pan but is pure quality, but based on history how confident are you that he'll last the entire season.

      I'm not trying to have a go, but just like I do when talking to the Man U locals here, trying to inject a little realism. Was it an outstanding display by Arsenal which is signs of things to come, or were you helped along by a poor Chelsea, just as City were helped to a capitulating Utd last weekend, or Utd were helped by your own disorder a while back at OT?

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      • I am not overly happy with the defensive display as a whole but am happy with certain aspects and tried to understand others that i am not so happy with, rather than just jumping on the usual bandwagon of opinion voiced by many on here and elsewhere regarding Arsenal in recent times.

        The Arsenal defence on saturday was made up of two players that joined the club extremely late on in the transfer window, one player that has been berated by all and sundry (not me BTW. I have always held the opinion that the defender in question (Koscielny) has played exceedingly well on the whole) and lastly a player playing out of position.

        When the above points are taken into account i think it quite reasonable not to expect a George Graham quality performance from the back four!

        I have faith in the players now at the disposal of Wenger in this department. They will come good and solid performances will come with time IMO.

        Van Persie is a top class striker ( I have always said this also and am chuckling heartily to myself at the thought of how one 'Eric the all knowing Cantona' must WINCE every time VP sticks another goal in the back of the net!!! You knew best Eric!! PMSL!!!

        Will he last the season?? There isn't a player in the world that you can count on to last a season is there? I hope he does. I am not of the opinion that Arsenal will be unable to compete without a fit VP though! We have other players available and i trust Wengers judgement that they are players of real quailty.

        I think too much is being made of defensive errors on saturday myself. The Chelsea boss even commented that he thought Chelsea defended well for the most part and that the only real slips (excuse the pun) were from JT (when he fell) and in the last 3 mins when Chelsea were fighting all out to gain a draw.

        The Arsenal goals were exquisite, sublime, and things of rare beauty. Walcotts was wonderful. Van Persie was immense! Gervinho was a constant threat and Ramsey played a better game than Lampard. Song was also on top form (another player that comes in for a stack of criticsm).

        Arsenal won that game.

        Chelsea did not hand it to them on a plate.

    • 'You really are full of it Devon and i am afraid you take far too much notice of what you read in the red tops.'

      OMG Pixie the Poof you're such a big numpty, y'know?

    • "You really are full of it Devon " Well , you're really full of shit pixie.

    • You really are full of it Devon and i am afraid you take far too much notice of what you read in the red tops.

      Wenger 'brought in a blind panic'!


    • And you have the cheek to label my retort 'pathetic'???

    • A pathetic, inaccurate comeback 'FAB', as I expected.

    • Arsenal? Is that a joke? You've still got a minus goal difference for fecks sake, not even a top four club now. Yesterday was a typical case of 'small club cup final' syndrome. Chelsea are having their bad patch and are still above you, whereas you've basically peaked. I cant think of one really good player in your side other than Van Persie, and he would only just make our bench!
      You can bet that in may, everyone will be laughing at you again for winning nothing as usual, whilst proclaiming wenger to be some sort of genius.

    • Ah, so you've finally come out of hiding pixie. Yes, good win against Chelsea. Going to win the premiership then ?