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  • Inter city Inter city Oct 30, 2011 12:15 Flag


    Arsenal? Is that a joke? You've still got a minus goal difference for fecks sake, not even a top four club now. Yesterday was a typical case of 'small club cup final' syndrome. Chelsea are having their bad patch and are still above you, whereas you've basically peaked. I cant think of one really good player in your side other than Van Persie, and he would only just make our bench!
    You can bet that in may, everyone will be laughing at you again for winning nothing as usual, whilst proclaiming wenger to be some sort of genius.

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    • This'll be the same wayne that scored a hat trick against arsenal. What a dickhead you are!

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      • Yeah...what a guy!!! He scored a hat-rick against a side full of new players playing together without the benefit of pre-season and low on confidence as the club had lost arguably its two best players at the closing of th etransfer window!

        What a clever bloke you are!!!




    • Whereas Ferguson clearly is a genius...i mean..the way he slings money at every problem is quite remarkable!!

      F*ck me i reckon my granny could have won the Prem with that money at her disposal!


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      • That`s what I like about you Fab, you can always be relied upon to make a right idiot of yourself. For starters the new players you refer to joined arsenal after they had been humiliated 8-2 at OT. Secondly yesterday`s result could easily have been 5-3 in favour of chelsea so poor were both defences - and boy if utd fans think Evra has been poor compared to Sandro he`s been a rock in defence. As for the German snail in the centre of your defence I`m sure that the on form premiership strikers, as opposed to the very off form Torres, are llicking their lips at the thought of coming up against him in a one to one situation.