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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Nov 3, 2011 12:25 Flag

    Major Signing Required!

    And its NOT Sneijder!

    GK - Sorted, two quality candidates.

    LB - I stil think Evra has a part to play, with Fabio and Fryers coming through Im not sure about a new addition. If Fergie thinks Evra is past his use by date, then I'd like to see someone like Cissokho come in, but I've yet to see any evidence that Fergie has lost faith in one of his 'favourites'.

    CB - Vidic, Smalling/Jones, Ferdinand and Evands - in that order. Done!

    RB - Rafaels been missed greatly, and we're all aware of how much cover we have here now!

    LM/RM - Nani, Young, Park, Valencia, Giggs etc, I think we're fine.

    CM - Cleverley looks like a potential Scholes replacement, but what we really need is that Keane presence/protection/leadership etc.

    Fletcher and Carrick are adequate squad players for this, and I think Pogba and Ravel will give Cleverley plenty of competition in the near future, but what a difference someone like Tiote would make in their alongside Tom. Someone like that HAS to be the priority.

    Could it be Rooney?

    CF - Hernandez and Welbeck, Rooney and co....not much wrong with it at the moment, apart from Berbatov getting games still.

    DISCUSS...as realistically as possible!

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    • And of course Muniain.

    • Martinez, Herrera and Llorente are very good. Barca are lacking atm. A lot of square pegs in round holes.

    • A lot of good young guys in this Bilbao side, unlucky not to win.

    • harris, i rarely read any of your posts because your such a qunt
      but i thought the title of this thread bore merit....


      ''....I think Vidic could be a sort of Keane-like figuez...''

      you are such a gay qunt.......show me any game, any moment of a match, any You Tube clip, that puts Vidic in the same light as Roy keane, any leadership qualities even remotley the same, any come back goals from behind

      ....tee them up you dumb fwuck.......................but then again...dust is a place, right?..............in your tiny heeeed.....hahahhahahahahahahahahaha

    • Just as I said Jim - it will take 25 million to get a player of our standard (the ones we have atm are not!) to replace Pogba. So it's better just to reward his talent accordingly!

      I do wonder about this point re. Martinez. He seems to sit deep a lot of the time - a bit too deep for my liking. I've seen him score some great goals but not sure about his engine. His passing is excellent. Bielsa likes his 3-5-2! Herrera is also having a good game!

    • Fegie was prepared to pay a British record transfer for a guy who had just as many if not more hang-ups than Morrison ( Gascoigne, who Morrison reminds me a lot of). United is a football club, not a finishing school for young gentlemen. He has the talent, play him!
      Don't like the persistent rumours about Pogba, but whay is the point of not giving him a decent contract and then pay millions for a replacement.
      Tunnycliffe is only doing so-so at Posh. Great attitude, maybe not quite good enough. A 'forgotten' man, Drinkwater, is getting a lot of plaudits.
      Watching Bilbao against Barca. Mainly to watch Martinez but he's playing central defense. Looks good but has the pace? Llorente looking very good at no9. Given Bilbao only play Basque players they are giving Barca a better game than most 1-1 at h-t.

    • Your points regarding Pogba are valid. Of course, if he just wants to leave Manchester, then nothing can be done. If however that's not the case and he ends up signing for one of the Italian clubs, United have no excuse for allowing that to happen.

      Agree re. Morrison.

    • It all depends on what exactly is being demanded Stefan. Truth is, none of us or the press have a clue what may or may not be going on regarding Pogba.
      The club aren't, and shouldn't break the bank for an 18 year old that hasn't really broken into the team yet.
      For all we know he could already have made his mind up to leave Manchester no matter what contract is offered also.
      Who knows! All we can do is hope that he does sign on the dotted line at some point, preferably before the new year when he's free to talk to foreign clubs.

      I've said the same about Morrison. The only thing holding that lad back is himself. His midweek twitter rant showed he's still got some maturing to do before being thrust into the spotlight. As much as i'd love him in the team now, I think Fergie is right to wait until he is mentally ready for it.

    • It's a real shame Morrison has his problems because showed in his short cameo (albeit against poor opposition) more than Pogba has done in his 2 appearances. He would be a 1st team squad member quite easily by now if he wasn't such a liability off the field.

      Let's hope Pogba's contract issues are sorted soon. I'd rather the club just paid up and let him come through than shell out another 25 million quid or whatever for a midfielder of the required quality.

    • I don't think Morrison will be introduced at all other than possibly a couple more league cup appearances. I think he'll be held back a while longer this season.

      When I say I still think Pogba will get chances as the season progresses, i'm not saying I think he will become a major part of the team, but I do believe he would still get a handful of chances if the contract situation doesn't ruin everything. He'll play in all the league cup games for aslong as we're in the competition, early FA cup rounds depending on the draw. How much more after that will depend on the impression he makes

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